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2017 Exotic Festivals July Listing

Puri Rath Yatra, Chariot Festival in Puri, India

Puri Rath Yatra, Chariot Festival in Puri, India. 25 July 2017.

These listings are mostly about odd events in Exotic Places. Generally we do not list European or English Speaking festivals here – unless they are exceptionally alien!

Calendar Dates are sometimes unconfirmed and occasionally unreliable, so check before booking. TBC/A = To Be Confirmed/Announced

July Events 2017

10 June – 8

INDONESIA, Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar (near Kuta Beach). A very exciting month of traditional song and dance embraced by the whole island, with processions and performances of all kinds all over Bali.

29 June – 5
July TBC

TURKEY, Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival in Edirne – 1, 000 well-oiled fat boys get a good slapping. Turkey Photos, but not of Kirkpinar. Friday: Opening Ceremony & first matches, Sunday: Finals.

1 – 29 July
(Same days every year but 17th is
the big one)

JAPAN, Gion Matsuri at Yasaka-jinja Shrine in Kyoto – a citywide celebration with lots of street action; on the 17th is the Yamaboko Parade, a procession of monstrous but delicately decorated, two-story shrines on wheels.

Gion Matsuri Festival, Japan

Festival of Fire:
1 – 8 July
24 – 25 July
26 July (Day of the National Rebellion)

CUBA, Fiesta del Fuego (Festival of Fire – also know as Festival del Caribe) and Carnival, Santiago de Cuba – a gorgeous town with ever lively people goes bananas for a week with music, dance and parades. Brilliantly stimulating does even larger for the traditional carnival for later of the month, interspersed with the National Celebration day. Cubans are noted for their natural music and dance ability, not to mention rum- though it’s HOT during this month!
Cuba Pictures Guide

11 – 13 July
(same date
every year)

MONGOLIA, Naadam Festival is a traditional sporting event – wrestling, horse racing and archery – held nationwide but best at Ulaanbaatar (aka Ulan Bator). It’s held during Mongolian national holidays and July is a fine time to be in this bleak and fascinating region.

3 – 4 July
21 – 22 July

INDIA, Hemis Tse-Chu Festival (celebration of the birt of Guru Padmasambhava) and Phyang Tsedup Festival at monasteries in Ladakh – bizarre Tibetan Buddhist festivals with the monks performing in traditional tapestry robes and masks.

27 July
15 August 2018

INDIA, Naag or Nag Panchami (Hindu Snake Day Festival), a popular Hindu festival for locals worshipping cobras, nationwide but best in Jodhpur.

21 – 30 July

SOUTH KOREA, Boryeong, Daechon Beach, Boryeong Mud Festival – a tradition supposed to heal skin diseases has morphed into a massive, mad mud fight on a beach during the country’s national holiday, with an avalanche of music, dance, partying, fireworks and fun mud activities such as a mud-sliding competition.

25 July

INDIA, Puri Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) in Puri, home of Krishna. A juggernaut (literally) of a festival in the ancient holy city of Puri in Orissa state. Pilgrims pull 15m high chariots across the city.

24 and 31 July
Usually the last two Mondays in July

MEXICO, La Guelaguetza or Los Lunes del Cerro at Oaxaca – a boisterous and historic folk dance, music and costume festival featuring Oaxaca state, Mexico.

24 – 25 July
(Same date
every year)

JAPAN, Tenjin Matsuri (Boat Festival) in Osaka – no, not a boat show. This event involves processions, costumes and hundreds of decorated boats with lights, a million spectators with torches and fireworks. Nirvana for pyromaniacs. Japan Travel Guide

29 July
usually the last Saturday in July

JAPAN, Sumida River Fireworks Display in Tokyo. Seriously big display, lasts for an hour. Get there early, you will not be alone (Then again, in Japan you never are. . . ).

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