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2017 Exotic Festivals August Listing

World Festival dates and information

Mt. Hagen Cultural Show, a gathering of PNG clans. Papua New Guinea

Mt. Hagen Cultural Show, a gathering of PNG clans. Papua New Guinea. 15 – 16 August.

These listings are mostly about odd events in Exotic Places. Generally we do not list European or English Speaking festivals here – unless they are exceptionally alien!

Calendar Dates are sometimes unconfirmed and occasionally unreliable, so check before booking. TBC/A = To Be Confirmed/Announced

August 2017

August to October
but esp. September

INDONESIA, Funeral Rites in Tana Toraja region of  south central Sulawesi; special invites needed but not hard to get from local travel agents. These massive, peculiar ceremonies are enthralling, with new villages purpose built (and burnt), effigies carried around, dancing and eating in a very picturesque environment.

Mid August

CUBA, Havana Carnival – although not as big as of Santiago de Cuba, this tatty but charming city provides a superb display of Cuban culture with music, dance, costumes, parades, fireworks and party scene! Cuba Pictures Guide

1 – 2 August: Lithang
10 – 11 August: Nagchu
(Same dates
every year) TBC

TIBET, Horse Racing Festival in Lithang and in Nagchu/Nakchu. A relaxed and kaleidoscopic Tibetan event with large numbers of locals displaying extreme horsemanship, but also enjoying folk songs and dance. Based in a brilliant tent town next to Nakchu. But beware – few hotels, high altitude.

13 – 25 Aug. ’16
TBA in February
for 2017

TUNISIA, International Carthage Festival in Tunis, the country’s biggest arts event, mixing local and international music in the old Roman amphitheatre.

13 – 15 August

JAPAN, O-Bon Lantern Festival nationwide – the precise date depends on the local council. It’s a Festival of the Dead with fleets of paper lanterns on water, candle ceremonies, kimonos in the streets, dancing. . .

19 – 20 August
(similar is the Goroka Cultural Show: 16 – 17 September)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Mt Hagen Cultural Show – a gathering of PNG’s clans, touristy but with sensational outfits (birds of paradise feathers, human hair, cat skins. . . ), especially after a trip into the highlands to see the truly bizarre lifestyles. Hair schools for growing wigs, trench warfare, shell/pig/feather currency etc. . .

27 July
15 August 2018

INDIA, Naag or Nag Panchami (Hindu Snake Day Festival), a popular Hindu festival for locals worshipping cobras, nationwide but best in Jodhpur.

30 August
(Every last Wednesday of August)

SPAIN, La Tomatina at Buñol town near Valencia – a huge and incredibly messy public fight with 25 tons of tomatoes during one day. You can participate, in fact you should if you take the trouble to go there. Spain Travel Guide

25 August – 3 September

MEXICO, International Mariachi and Charreria Festival in Guadalajara (Jalisco state) – flashy trousers, fat guitars and gritos galore in this celebration of Mexican music. ‘Ayyy! ‘
Also in San Jose.

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