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2018 Exotic Festivals April Listing

World Festival dates and information

Kanamara Matsuri, Iron Penis Festival, Kawasaki, Japan

Kanamara Matsuri, Iron Penis Festival, Kawasaki, Japan. The first Sunday of April, April 1 in 2018.

These listings are mostly about odd events in Exotic Places. Generally we do not list European or English Speaking festivals here – unless they are exceptionally alien!

Calendar Dates are sometimes unconfirmed and occasionally unreliable, so check before booking. TBC/A = To Be Confirmed/Announced

April 2018

1 April
(usually 1st Sunday in April)

JAPAN, Kanamara Matsuri (Iron Penis Festival) at Wakamiya Hachiman-gu Shrine in Kawasaki, between Tokyo and Yokohama. An hilarious, good-feeling event loaded with music, double-entendres, huge portable wangs and little willy lollies. Kanamara Festival Pictures

2 – 8 April

INDONESIA, Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud, Bali – an annual celebration of yoga, healing arts, live music and dance with workshops in the peaceful island of Bali. One of world’s leading yoga/lifestyle events. Indonesia Travel Guide.

Saturdays during April and May

VANUATU, Pentecost Island, Naghol (Pentecost Land Dive) – bungee-like jumping from a high wooden tower using non-stretchy ropes by boys and men, an important ceremony and a part of annual yam harvest festival.

13 – 15 April
(Same date every year)

THAILAND, Songkran Festival (New Year Water Festival) nationwide, especially lively in Chiang Mai. Four days of parades, fancy dress and water being thrown everywhere, over everyone. Thailand Travel Guide

13 – 15 April
(Same date every year)

CHINA, Poshui Jie, Water Splashing Festival in Jinghong, beautiful Yunnan province. Much dragon boat racing, fireworks, dancing and throwing water over everyone, but everyone.

14 – 15 April
Also 9 – 10 October
(Same dates every year)

JAPAN, Takayama Spring Festival in ancient Takayama City, near Nagoya. A dozen creaking, elaborate floats get dragged around the old town, with traditional music and massed, medieval costumes. Takayama Festival Pictures

15 April – 7
May 2017
TBA for 2018

MEXICO, Feria Nacional de San Marcos in Aguascalientes (the North). A large and long established celebration of Mexican music and machismo, with rodeos, bull fights, folk dancing, parades, mariachi and mucho more. 3 weeks around 25 April, the Feast day of San Marcos.

26 April

INDIA, Thrissur Pooram in Thrissur, ‘the City of the Sacred Siva’, Kerala state – A day of fireworks, raucous music and fantastically decorated elephants continues way into the night during this, the biggest festival in Kerala.

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