Europe Festivals Calendar 2020

Nice Carnival, bataille de fleurs, France, Europe Festival Calendar

Nice Carnival, 2018, south of France, Europe Festivals. Between February-April depending on the year.

Europe Festivals Calendar and Covid-19

Needless to say Covid-19 has caused many changes and cancellations so once you’ve selected a festival you want to attend and know the approximate date, go to the festival website to check it’s happening and view new regulations that may not suit you such as social distancing, mandatory masks etc. Hopefully 2021  will see successful vaccines and a new world order (group hugs?!)

We will update festival information when the pandemic situation has eased and events become stabilised.

2020 Europe Festivals by month

European Festivals

Italy’s Venice Carnival, for example, is one of the most colourful events in Europe, set in an exquisite location and with little chance of robbery on your person.

Or there’s the mad Edinburgh Festival, one of many world-beating summer festivals that will knock your dull brown socks off.

One of our favourites is the Nice Carnival in the south of France where even tho’ it’s early in the year the chance of the weather being sunny and warm is quite high. Furthermore there’s plenty of accommodation, getting there is easy for Europeans, the festival sites are spacious, the architecture is attractive and the food is good.

If you want to ensure easy communication and organised facilities then English speaking UK festivals are plentiful and increasingly interesting, though the weather is unreliable and getting concert tickets requires forward planning or a big wad.

Europe Festivals safety

Security of possessions is, as always a  concern in crowded festival environments, even in relatively safe Europe. Personally I’ve been pick-pocketed in Rome (actually a foiled attempt) and successfully robbed in Barcelona so I know well that dressing-down is vital to blend in easily. Northern Europe is pretty cool in both senses – temperature and safety – but southern countries have less efficient policing (and care less too).

Basic festival dress suggestions are (tho’ not if you’re going to the opera!):

Wear minimal jewellery, a cheapish watch, reduce wallet contents to minimum. ie leave unnecessary credit cards and excess money in your hotel safe.

Keep phones, money and compact cameras in different zippered pockets. Wear appropriate clothing, similar to locals (if they all wear long pants, try to follow suit).