Music Festivals Calendar January-March 2019

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Adelaide Fringe, Australia

Music festivals January – March: Festival au Désert, African Sahel region, January/February, is currently in exile. Original photo by Alice Mutasa.

The best music festivals, whether they be jazz, folk, exotic, opera or rock festivals will be high octane, pricey and crowded.

Best to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale though some ticket sellers pass on most of their stock almost immediately to affiliated resellers who then sell them for a higher price.
Furthermore, some touts use high speed, multi-address software to grab all the tickets online as soon as they become available. p. s. take plenty of water with you!

Calendar Dates are sometimes unconfirmed and occasionally unreliable, so check before booking. TBC/A = To Be Confirmed/Announced

January Music Festivals

31 Dec – 12 Feb
(dates vary)

AUSTRIA, ‘Le Grand Bal’ at the Hofburg Imperial Palace on New Year’s Eve and Vienna’s Glorious Ball season – dazzling dances in a blizzard of snow, elegance and music, especially Vienna‘s New Year’s Day Concert. Vienna Pictures

9 – 27 January

AUSTRALIA Sydney Festival – the biggest cultural event in the country, Sydney covers the arts from drama to music in international style but sadly lacking a mad Fringe. Sydney Pictures

February Music Festivals

14 – 16 February

ISRAEL, Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival in Eilat, south Israel. Held in three venues: The Club with 1, 000 seats around tables serving food and drink, the Hall with 2, 000 seats and the Arena overlooking the Red Sea. Israel Pictures

1 – 24 February

DENMARK, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival – a winter edition of a famous jazz summer festival held in the capital, now renowned as northern Europe’s largest festival city.

Not 2019
Area unsafe

MALI, Festival au Desert, usually held at Essakane, in the dunes 40 miles outside Timbuktu (Tombouctou) in Mali but lately its Cultural Caravan is on the move (see the dates). A fantasy mix of traditional north African desert music, international musicians, camels, dance and sword play in stunning surroundings. The most remote music festival in the world. Mali Pictures

15 Feb – 17 March
1 – 17 March

AUSTRALIA Adelaide Fringe – the country’s largest and possibly wackiest festival. A huge, colourful and unhinged event – Edinburgh in the sun. Adelaide Pictures and Information. The formal Adelaide Festival happens every ‘even’ year, i.e. on even numbers only.

21 February –
23 March

CHINA Hong Kong Arts Festival – a prime international arts festival, one of the best in Asia, featuring both overseas and local artists of the performing and visual arts. Hong Kong Travel.

March Music Festivals

21 February –
23 March

CHINA Hong Kong Arts Festival – see February information and link.

15 Feb – 17 March
1 – 17 March

AUSTRALIA, Adelaide Fringe – see February information

29, 30, 31 March

CHILE, Santiago, Lollapalooza Chile at O’Higgins Park – one of USA’s most beloved music festival, held in Chicago annually in summer, went to Chile in 2011 as its first international event. Lollapalooza offers a wide range of exciting music bands and groundbreaking acts.

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