Best Exotic Places September


Tana Toraja funeral, Sulawesi, Indonesia

September weather should be good in these exotic foreign places

For good weather and festivals, early September

Indonesia (Tanatoraja Region, Sulawesi Island), Toraja Funerals, August/September, a few days
(Tenggarong, Kalimantan),
Erau Festival (Dayak people’s cultual events) Sep, 3 days.

Madagascar, Famadihana (bizarre cemetary/bone turning parties), June-November. Madagascar Pictures.

Vanuatu (Tanna Island), Nekowiar Festival (traditional Toka Dance), August/September/October, a few days.

For good weather and festivals, late September

Papua New Guinea(Goroka), Goroka Show (gathering of the clans), the weekend around Sep 16 (Independence day), 3 days. .

Thailand, Anantara Resort (Gulf coast), King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament, 17-22 Sept.

Swaziland (Lobamba), Umhalanga (traditional ceremony with Reed dance), late Aug- early Sep, 1 week.

Bolivia (Oruro), Feast of the Cross (costumed dances)14th.
(Tarija), Festival of San Roque (folk music, dances and parades), starts the first Sunday, 8 days.

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season

Morocco (Imilchil) Engagement Festival (Tribal gathering) third week in Sep, 3 days. Morocco Pictures.

India Alappuzha & Kerala), Onam Harvest Festival (Nehru Cup Snakeboat Race) Aug/Sep, 10 days
(Nationwide), Dussehra -Ram Lila (Hindu celebration) Sep/ Oct, 10 days.
(Kulu), Festival of the Gods, Sep/Oct, 10 days. India Pictures.

Nepal (Kathmandu, Patan), Bada Dasain (Hindu festival) Sep/Oct, 10 days.

Vietnam (Nationwide), Trung Nguyen (feast for wandering souls and hungry ghosts), full moon day in Aug/Sep.

Taiwan (Nationwide), Hungry Ghost Festival, Aug/Sep, 1 month. Vietnam Pictures.

Myanmar (Inle Lake), Phaungdaw Festival (Floating villages’s water processions and boat races), Sep/Oct, 1 day.

Bhutan (Tashichho Dzong, Thimphu), Thimphu Tsechu (spiritual festival with masked dances), Sep/Oct, 3 days.