Best Exotic Places October

Day of the Dead Festival, kid's fancy dress, Oaxaca, Mexico

Days of the Dead Festival in Oaxaca, Mexico

October weather should be good in these exotic  places

For good weather and festivals, early October

Morocco (Tissa), Fetes du Cheval (Horse Festival). Morocco Pictures..

Nepal (Kathmandu), Bada Dasain (Hindu festival) Sep/Oct, 10 days.
Tihar/Deepavali (Festival of Lights), Oct/Nov, 1 day.

Bhutan (Tashichho Dzong, Thimphu), Thimphu Tsechu (spiritual festival with masked dances), Sep/Oct, 3 days

Japan(Lake Akan, Hokkaido), Marimo Matsuri (Festival of the Ainu people), 8-10 Oct.

Korea (Kyongju), Shilla Cultural Festival (Buddhist dance, music sports and parades), 1st or 2nd w/e, 3 days.

Madagascar, Famadihana ‘turning of the bones’ (reburying the dead) ceremonies June -November. Madagascar Pictures.

Vanuatu (Tanna Island), Nekowiar Festival (traditional Toka Dance), Aug-Oct, a few days

For good weather and festivals, late October

Egypt, Abu Simbel, Celebration of Ramses II’s Coronation, Oct 22.

China (Xishuangbanna Villages), Tan Ta (Dai people’s ritual celebration), Late-Oct/early Nov, 10 days. China Pictures.

Japan, Kyoto, Jidai Matsuri (Procession of historical costumes) Oct 22.

Korea (Alternates), Paekche Cultural Festival, 13th, 1 day
(Cheju), Halla Cultural Festival, 18-20.

Argentina (La Quiaca), Manca Fiesta (Local Indians’ trade fair), Late-Oct, 1 day. Argentina Pictures.

Brazil (Belem), Círio de Nazaré
(Amazon region Festival), mid-Oct, 15 days. Brazil Pictures..

Mexico. Dias de los Muertos (Days of the Dead). Oct 31- Nov 2. Mainly in the states of Michoacan and Oaxaca. Lots of different ceremonies to link the dead with the living. Days of the Dead Pictures.

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season

India (Nationwide), Dussehra -Ram Lila (Hindu celebration), Sep/Oct, 10 days
(Kulu), The Festival of the Gods, Sep/Oct, 10 days.
Pushkar Mela (Camel Fair), starts a week before the full moon, October/ November.

Vietnam (Nationwide), Trung Nguyen (feast for hungry ghosts), full moon in Aug/Sep, 1 day
(Nationwide), Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival), Sep/Oct, 1 day.

Myanmar (Inle Lake), Phaungdaw Oo Festival (Floating villages’s water processions and boat races), Sep/Oct, 1 day
Thadingyut (Festival of Light), Full moon in Mid-Oct, 3 days

Thailand, Phuket, Vegetarian Festival, Mid-Oct, 10 days
(Chon Buri), Chon Buri Water Buffalo Races.