Best Exotic Places March

The Treasury in Petra, Jordan, March

The temple of Edfu in Egypt, March.

March weather should be good in these exotic  places

For good weather and festivals, early March

India, Jaisalmer desert fest. late Feb/early March, 3 days.
(North India) Holi, Fest. of colour. Late Feb/early March, 1 day.
(Anandpur Sahib), Hola Mohalla. Late Feb/early March, 1 day.
(Ajmer) Urs Ajmer Sharif. Feb- April, 6 days
(nationwide) Baisakhi (Hindu New Year), 1 day. India Pictures.

Mexico (Veracruz) Carnival. late Feb/March 9 days.

Morocco (nationwide) Fete du Trone, early March, 3 days. Morocco Pictures.

Israel (nationwide), Purim, Feb/Mar, 1 day.

Japan (Nara, Todaiji temple) Omizutori Festival. 1-14 March, 03. 1, 200 year old ceremonies, especially spectacular on the last night, full of huge, blazing torches and noise-making monks. Japan Pictures.

For good weather and festivals, late March

Nepal (Kathmandu Valley) Macchendrath Rath Jatral, 1 month as 100s of devotees tow a massive wooden ‘chariot’ carrying their #1 rain god through the streets. Patan is one of the 3 towns in the fascinating Kathmandu Valley.

Guatemala (Antigua/Santiago
Atitlan), Holy week.

Mexico, Chichen Itza , Spring Equinox, 1 day.
(Chiapas state and nationwide) Holy week Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Vietnam, (Huong Tich Mountain range), Huong Tich/Lac Long Quan Festival (Buddhist pilgrimage), Feb-early Apr
(Quoc Hai) Thay Pagoda Festival, Mar/Apr, 7th day of the 3rd lunar month, 1 day. Vietnam Pictures

Burma (Myanmar), (Nationwide) Thingyan Water Festival, Mar/Apr, 3-4 days.

Colombia (Cartagena), Cartagena International Festival of Caribbean Music. Mid-Mar, 5 days.
(San Antero), Colombian National Beauty Contest for Donkeys.

Nepal, Holi, celebrating Hindu myths in a totally wild, colourful, and throw-paint-over-everyone way. Nationwide but especially good in Kathmandu. March 18.

Philippines (Nationwide) Holy week (the week up to Easter), Mar/Apr, famous mostly for bloody flagellation and crucifixions. Body piercers will love it.

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season

Tibet (beware extreme cold! ):
(Nationwide) New Year. Feb/ March 4 days.
(Lhasa) Great Prayer fest. Feb/March 7 days.

Peru (Puno, Cusco+) Holy week.

Indonesia, Bali, Nyepi (Balinese New Year), a few days.
(Larantuka, Flores), Easter Parade.

Bhutan, Paro and Thimpu festival, in a stunning monastic setting monks in brilliant silks perform traditonal dances. March/April.

Bolivia (Oruro) Devil’s Carnival Feb/March. 8 days.