Best Exotic Places June

walking the Inca Trail, peru

Walking the Inca Trail, Camino de los Incas, on the way to Machu Picchu, Peru.

June weather should be good in these exotic foreign places

For good weather and early June exotic festivals

Bolivia (La Paz) Feast Day of Gran Poder (a huge historic party, costumes and parades) May/early-June

Tibet (Gyangzê) Tamang Horse Racing Festival) May/June, 4 days and lots more in this month.

Mongolia (Nationwide) Ovoo (shamanistic shrine) Festival (horse racing, feasts, offerings, praying by buddhist monks), weekends, dates vary acc. to location.

Brazil (Parati and Nationwide) Festas Juninas. Brazil Pictures.

Madagascar, Famadihana ‘turning of the bones’ (reburying the dead) ceremonies June -November. Madagascar Pictures.

For good weather and festivals, late June

Indonesia (Tenganan, Bali) Usaba Sambah (Fistfighting, traditional costumes) June/July, 1 day.

Philippines (Balayan) St. John’s Pig Parade (Roast pigs with costume are carried around the town for the baptism ceremony) 24th.

Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby) Port Moresby Show (Traditional Dances) Mid-June.

Ecuador Corpus Christi Festival with folk dancing, music, art monitored by both Christian and Pagan gods.

Peru, (Cusco) Inti Raymi. An Inca festival packed with colourful dances and parades, set in and around one of the most beautiful towns on earth. One week ending June 24th. Watch out for your wallet though.

Thailand, Loei, Phi Ta Khon Festival (Spirit Dance), late June.

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season

Malaysia, Kota Belud (Sabah, Borneo), Kota Belud Tamu Besar (tribal gathering), May/June, 1 day, Sarawak (Borneo), Gawai Dayak (tribal gathering), late-May/June. Malaysia Pictures.

Mexico (Papantla de Olarte, Veracruz State) Fiesta De Corpus Cristi (rituals, dance) May/early-June. Mexico Pictures

India Hemis Gompa (monastery), Hemis Festival (Tibetan monks festival), June/July, 2 days
Puri, Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival), full moon day in June/July. India Pictures.

Korea, Nationwide, Tano Festival (parade, wrestling, fireworks, floating lanterns+) May/June, 20 days
Chonju, P’ungnam Festival (dance, folk arts, games and sports), May/June, 1 day

Venezuela, Curiepe and the Barlovento region, The Big Drums of San Juan (Caribbean dancing), late June