Best Exotic Places July

Exotic Festivals July Madagascar

Elephants greeting each other in Etosha NP, Namibia.

July weather should be good in these exotic foreign places

For good weather and festivals, early July

Papua New Guinea (Trobriand Islands), Yam Harvest Festival, July/Aug, 1 day. PNG Pictures.

Indonesia (Tenganan, Bali) Usaba Sambah (Fistfighting, traditional costumes) June/July, 1 day.

Madagascar, Famadihana ‘turning of the bones’ (reburying the dead) ceremonies June -November. Madagascar Pictures.

Spain, (Pamplona) Los Sanfermines, Bull Running. July 6-14, ’03. Don’t be bored, be gored! Six bulls are released into the streets every morning of this 7 day Basque party. Spain Pictures.

Canada, Calgary Stampede (Alberta), a 10 day world-class rodeo riot. A wild yet comradely festival enjoyed by the whole of ‘cowtown’, Chuck Wagon racing, rodeos, parade, country music and free pancake breakfasts! Alberta Pictures.

For good weather and festivals, late July

Peru (Paucartambo), Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen (religious festival with colorful costumes & strange dances), 16-18.

Tunisia, Carthage International Festival (music and dance), in Carthage’s ancient sites, Tunis, July-Aug.
Also, El-Jem International Music Festival, (orchestral), in El-Jem’s ancient colosseum.
And Festival of Malouf (traditional music), Testour.

Mongolia (Ulaan Baatar and nationwide), Naadam, a summer fair with traditional sports such as wrestling, horse racing and archery, with folk music/dance, and food.

Vanuatu (Ambrym Island), Maghe Ceremony (a traditional ceremony with Rom costume dance), July.

Bolivia (Nationwide), St. James the Apostle Feast (ritual feast with ceremonial battle), 25th

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season

Israel (Arad, Negev Desert), Hebrew Music Celebration, Mid-July.

Turkey (Edirne), Kirkkpinar Oiled Wrestling Championships (folk music/dancing ), 7 days. Turkey Pictures.

India (Hemis Gompa, monastery), Hemis Festival (Tibetan monks festival), June/July, 2 days
(Puri), Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival), full moon day in June/July, 1 day
(Nationwide, esp. Jodhpur), Naag Panchami (snakes & charmers+) July/Aug, 2 weeks
(Pahalgam), Amarnath Yatra (Pilgrimage to a secred mountain cave, 4days trek in July/Aug. India Pictures.

Sri Lanka (Kandy), Kandy Esala Perahera (Buddhist festival, dancers, decorated elephant parade+) 15 days in July/Aug

China (Guizhou Province), Guizhou Tribal Festivals. China Pictures.

Japan, Kyoto, Giyon Matsuri, 1-31 July, with the Yamaboko Parade (a procession of huge Hoko (two-story houses with wheels) on the 17th.

Mexico (Oaxaca), Guelaguetza (Folk dance/music/costume festival), July 21.

Cuba, Santiago, Fiesta del Fuego. A wild and well-heated street party in one of Cuba’s prettiest cities.