Best Exotic Places February

Nice Carnival, February, France

Nice Carnival, February, France

February weather should be good in these exotic  places

For good weather and festivals, early February

Nepal (Khatmandu Valley) Basant Pancha festival, 1 day

Vietnam (Nationwide) Tet (New Year) Jan/Feb 1 month.
(Huong Tich Mountain range), Huong Tich/Lac Long Quan Festival (Buddhist pilgrimage),
Feb/Mar/early-April. Vietnam Pictures.

Canada, Ottawa (Ontario) Winterlude Festival, weekends only, parades, dances, snow races, ice sculptures, sleigh rides and more, but especially skating. If skating is your thing, then this is your festival. 1-17 Feb.

Canada, Quebec City, Carnaval de Québec, 10 days of parades, themed parties, ice sculptures and winter sports, in a pretty Francophile city. Late Jan- mid Feb. Canada Pictures.

Japan (Sapporo) Snow Festival, February. A mass of ice sculptures in this drab but comfortable town, though we were disappointed by the cramped surroundings, traffic issues and modest displays in Odori Park. Check out Snow Festival  Pictures 2017

For good weather and festivals, late February

Nepal (Khatmandu Valley) Tibet new Year, 1 day
(Khatmandu Valley) Maha Shivarat, 1 day

Egypt, Abu Simbel Festival, Feb 22.

Mexico (Veracruz) Carnival. late Feb/March 9 days. Mexico Pictures

(North India) Holi, Festival of Colour. Late Feb/early March. 1 day.
(Anandpur Sahib) Hola Mohalla. Late Feb/early March, 1 day. Rajasthan Pictures

Italy, Venice Carnival. Colourful, fascinating, funny and a superb environment.

Also excellent Carnivals in: Viareggio (Italy); Binche (Belgium); Nice (France); Cologne (Germany); Sitges a very wild, gay show (near Barcelona) and Semana Santa in Seville.

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season


Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and other places) Carnival. No longer on the street – it’s now in a huge stadium, expensive and caution is needed outside. Perhaps try carnivals in other cities – a lot more user friendly – such as Salvador and Olinda, both beautiful, lively and with good beaches nearby.
Alternatively check Trinidad (island), in the Caribbean, where the carnival is on the street and mad in the nicest way, though if you want a nice beach too you’ll have to nip over to neighbouring Tobago. Brazil Pictures.

Bolivia, (Copacabana) Candlemas. Late Jan-Feb

Bolivia (Oruro) Devil’s Carnival Feb/March. 8 days.

Tibet (Nationwide) New Year. Feb/March 4 days, cold!
(Lhasa) Great Prayer fest. Feb/March 7 days.

Peru (Puno, Cusco+) Candelaria. Late Jan/early February for 2 weeks.

China (Xian+) Lantern Fest. Feb 10. days
(Harbin) Ice Lantern Festivak. All Jan & Feb, cold! China Pictures.