Best Exotic Places August

papua new guinea, hulis, hagen sing-sing

Gathering of the clans in Mt. Hagen, August, Papua New Guinea

August weather should be good in these exotic foreign places

For good weather and festivals, early August

Papua New Guinea (Trobriand Islands), Yam Harvest Festival, July/Aug, 1 day. PNG Pictures.

Indonesia, Bali) Galungan. Probably 2-12th August but check it. This spectacular 10 day event takes place over the whole island, and involves endless music, dance, decoration and offerings to visiting gods. The last day is the most important. Bali Pictures.

Madagascar, Famadihana ‘turning of the bones’ (reburying the dead) ceremonies June -November. Madagascar Pictures.

Tunisia, Carthage International Festival (music and dance), in Carthage’s ancient sites, Tunis, July-Aug.

Vanuatu (Tanna Island), Nekowiar Festival (traditional Toka Dance), Aug/Sep/Oct, a few days

Bolivia (Copacabana), Fiesta of the Virgin of Copacabana (colorful procession), 5-7 Aug

For good weather and festivals, late August

Papua New Guinea (Mt. Hagen), Hagen Show (gathering of the clans), mid Aug, 3 days. PNG Pictures.

Brazil (Fortaleza and coastal Ceará), Iemanjá (festival of the goddess of the sea), Aug 15, 1 day. Brazil Pictures.

Spain, Bunol, Valencia, La Tomatina – a huge and incredibly messy public fight with 25 tons of tomatoes; you can participate. 28 Aug, one day. Spain Pictures.

Ghana (Accra), Homowo (Hunger Hooting Festival for the Harvest celebration? ! ), end Aug-early Sep, 2 weeks

Swaziland (Lobamba), Umhalanga (traditional ceremony with Reed dance), late Aug- early Sep, 1 week

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season

India (Nationwide, esp. Jodhpur), Naag Panchami (snakes & charmers) July/August, 2 weeks.
(Pahalgam), Amarnath Yatra (Pilgrimage to a sacred mountain cave, 4 day trek in July/August.
Tarnetar Mela (tribal fair), August/September, 3 days.
(Alappuzha & Kerala) Onam Harvest Festival (Nehru Cup Snakebort Race), August/September, 10 days. India Pictures.

Sri Lanka (Kandy), Kandy Esala Perahera (Buddhist festival, dancers, decorated elephants +) 15 days in July/August

China (Guizhou Province), Guizhou Tribal Festivals. China Photos.

Japan (Nationwide), O Bon (Buddhist Festival), 15-16 August, a few days.
(Aomori & Hirosaki), Nebuta Matsuri (traditional procession) 1-7 Aug,
(Sendai & Nationwide)Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival) 6-8 August.

Taiwan (Nationwide), Hungry Ghost Festival, August/September, 1 month

Indonesia (Ruteng, Flores Island), Caci Whip Duels (spiritual fighting), August 17th
(Tanatoraja Region, Sulawesi Island), Toraja Funerals, August/September, a few days each. Sulawesi Pictures.

Vietnam (Nationwide), Trung Nguyen (feast for hungry ghosts), full moon day in August/September. Vietnam Photos.

Mexico(Huamantla), Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15. Mexico Photos