Best Exotic Places April

hadaka matsuri, bitchu kokubunji temple, okayama, Japan. Photo mstyslav chernov

Hadaka matsuri, Kokubunji temple, Okayama, Japan. Photo mstyslav chernov.

April weather should be good in these exotic  places

For good weather and festivals, early April

Argentina, Buenos Aires Tango Festival, with competitions, lessons, concerts and more.

Vietnam, Huong Tich/Lac Long Quan Festival (pilgrimage) Feb/Mar/early-Apr. Vietnam Pictures

Philippines, Holy week (the week to Easter), famous mostly for bloody flagellation and crucifixions. Body piercers wll love it.

Bhutan, Paro and Thimpu festival, in a stunning monastic setting monks in brilliant silks perform traditonal dances. March/April.

Nepal (Khatmandu Valley) Macchendrath Rath Jatral, 1 month. Kathmandu Pictures.

Thailand (Nationwide) Songkran Water Festival, April 12-14 every year, especially lively in Kao San Rd, Bangkok.

Chile (near Santiago) Quasimodo Processions (medieval processions, music and dancing), first Sunday after Easter. Chile Pictures

Japan (Nationwide) Cherry Blossom time, a few days of alcoholic mayhem under the trees plus Takayama Festival, Kawasaki Penis Festival.  Japan Pictures

For good weather and festivals, late April

Israel (Meiron, Galilee) Lag B’Omer, Spring feast, Apr/ May, 1 day.

Nepal (Khatmandu Valley-Bhaktapur), Nepalese New Year) 4 days.

(Thimi and Bode) Bal Kumari Jatra (New Year gathering) 4 days.

Mexico (Aguascalientes) Feria de San Marcos (national fair), 2nd week of April – early May, 22 days. Mexico Pictures

Spain, Seville, La Feria de Abril, April 16-21 every year, April Fair, perhaps Seville’s best party – traditional dress, parades, dancing and wild parties. Seville Pictures.

Or go for festivals only, not the weather! i.e. this is not the best season

India (Ajmer, Raj) Islamic Fest. Feb-April, 6 days.

(Nationwide) Hindu New Year, April/May, 1 day

(Thrissur, Ker) Pooram. elephants, fireworks. April/May, 1 day

Madurai (TN) Chitra Fest. Divine marriage at wild Meenakshi temple. April/May, 10 days

(Bodhgaya and Sarnath) Budda Jayanti, full moon day in Apr/May, 1 day. India Pictures.

Burma (Myanmar), (Nationwide) Thingyan Water Festival, Mar/Apr, 3-4 days

China (Xishuangbanna) Water-Splashing Festival, 3 days. China Pictures.

Laos (Nationwide) Lao New Year, mid April.

Colombia (San Antero), National Donkey Beauty Contest , Easter, 4 days.