Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, France

Carlton hotel super cars, La Croisette, Cannes, France

La Croisette and the best hotel in Cannes – favoured by mega stars – The Carlton.

The Carlton Hotel is on the town’s most famous street, Boulevard de la Croisette, and just 50 metres from both private beaches (mainly owned and run by hotels opposite them) and public beaches. Stars have been known to appear on balconies and throw large quantities of goodies to fans during the Cannes Film Festival.

La Croisette Walks

Walking Blvd de La Croisette in early morning, Cannes, France

The Boulevard  at 10 a. m. on an August morning. On the right, almost invisible, are private/pay beaches, but there are three public beaches too that are neither roofed nor parasoled over.

The essential, minimum walk for any new visitor to Cannes is along the ‘shore’ from below Le Suquet hill (beside the Town Hall/Mairie and the old port where all the new mega yachts congregate), along Promenade de la Pantiero (where there are two large underground car parks) to the Casino and Festival Hall (aka Palais des Festivals et des Congrés). Blvd de la Croisette starts at the Casino but you could usefully turn right immediately before the Casino to check out the awesome super yachts parked along there.
After this diversion head back to the Festival Hall for a photo opportunity on the red carpet or with film star cardboard cutouts in the little park just past the Festival Hall. This area also offers a few kiddie activities such as a carousel (see below) and plenty of snacks. This is the start of the main beach section to the right or luxury shops and hotels to the left
The best public beaches are at the start or end of the bay as the middle section is occupied by private or pay beaches and restaurants.

Don’t miss the 10pm fireworks displays in the summertime!

A lovely, longer walk would take in the whole length of the Cannes shoreline from the west side beaches, past the port to the Pointe de la Croisette (photo at bottom of the page).

A return route could be along the small shopping streets one block parallel to La Croisette, Rue d’Antibes/Felix Faure. Felix Faure also offers a little cinema (des Arcades) showing films in English, a McDonalds, boule courts and sometimes markets.

The last walk we can recommend which may be particularly nice in the evening would be up Le Suquet’s winding little pedestrian street to the best Cannes viewpoint on the top. Then on the way back consider trying one of the tiny restaurants/bars on your way back, or save yourself for the magnificent oyster/seafood restaurant at the bottom of the street.

Carlton beach wedding, beside La Croisette, Cannes, France

A small wedding on the Carlton Hotel private beach, with Blvd. de la Croisette behind the action.

Alongside La Croisette

La Croisette Merry-Go-Round, Cannes, France

Near the Festival Hall end the promenade is wider and accommodates a couple of kiddie attractions such as a Merry-Go-Round and a remote-control boating pond as well as life-size movie star cutouts to pose with. This end also offers the best public beaches.

La Croisette is a wonderful, reasonably relaxed place (especially out of the hectic summer months) to give the legs and the eyeballs a workout, with waddling, short-pants tourists contrasting interestingly with skinny, jewel-encrusted, toy-boy-toting socialites in an environment of palms, flowers and occasional slow-cruising supercars. During the summer months Blvd de la Croisette and the beaches below it are prime positions to watch the truly awesome fireworks during the Festival Pyrotechnique.

n. b. Cannes Festival Week in May is not a good time for tourists to be here as the weather is frequently wet, parts of the boulevard are closed to normal mortals without passes and anyway the stars only come out at night.

La Malmaison art gallery, La Croisette, Cannes, France

La Malmaison contemporary art gallery run by the Mairie (local government) is about the only sign of Culture embedded in this fabulously expensive stretch of road.

La Croisette beach restaurant, Cannes, France

A typical La Croisette beachside restaurant – a bit pricey perhaps but not necessarily ridiculous considering the fantastic environment. Keep costs down by not drinking alcohol, or stick to biere pression (draft beer).

Cannes Streets

The two key streets tourists should remember for orientation in Cannes are Promenade de la Croisette and Rue d’Antibes/Rue Felix Faure.
La Croisette is the most famous, running three kilometres from the Festival Hall (aka Palais des Festivals et des Congrés) besides Cannes’s main beaches and all the way to Palm Beach on La Pointe de la Croisette.

The first part of La Croisette is lined with a few small but very expensive clothing shops and some large, luxury hotels, among which the Carlton is pre-eminent. Towards the end of the bay the hotels are replaced by luxury apartment blocks.

Plage Goeland, La Croisette, Cannes, France

Busy Plage Goeland beside La Croisette at sunset time.