Best Cities Europe April

semana santa, seville, europe april

Semana Santa in Seville, Spain, Europe April

Best West Europe Cities April: Weather

Spring is popping up all over and Middle Europe starts to take on some colour and feel more comfortable. The weather is still unpredictable and it’s chilly up north, so, if you have a choice head for Europe south of Belgium – except for those who want to get seriously ripped who should head for Amsterdam for April 30th festivities, or sooner.
n. b. major tourist locations are likely to be overcrowded/ overpriced/ overbooked around Easter.

Italy: Sicily, Taranto have extravagant pre-Easter parades. And on Easter Sunday it’s Florence‘s turn.

Spain: Seville. Feria de Abril, a week long party, traditional dress, parades, dancing and wild parties.

Also Holy Week (Semana Santa), hundreds of pointy-hat parades, singing. The date depends on Easter, of course.

Netherlands: Amsterdam. The totally mad ‘Orange day’ (Queen’s Birthday) is on April 30th. And it’s daffodil season too, but may still be chilly.

Russia: St Petersburg. Music Spring, International classical music festival.

Also see European Festivals or Arts Festivals for suggestions, information and dates.

Best European cities April, sightseeing in good weather

Portugal – which is cooled by the Atlantic Ocean – is now open for business, tho not the Algarve beaches. and spectacular attractions nearby, such as Sintra, Obidos and varied astonishing churches and monasteries are worth a trip and tourist costs reasonable.

Spain: Visit the magical Moorish city of Seville (Semana Santa or  Feria de Abril 7 day party at the end of April) with the exception of the north, Spain is generally warm and pleasant in April. The Moorish cities of  Cordoba and Granada, should enjoy days that are warm and the nights coolish, as well as Malaga and Cadiz cities that don’t depend on beaches for tourism.

Barcelona too is a lively, interesting city  spiced up by wacky Gaudi architecture though it can be a little chilly in April. Swimming in the Mediterranean in winter is not on yet, nor is the sad, overbuilt Spanish coastline that is now dedicated to sun, sea and sangria package people.

France: The Côte d’Azur should be warm and sunny in April. Cannes, Nice, Menton, Monaco, St. Tropez – and the little villages such as Eze, St Paul de Vence – are all attractive and interesting if you work at it.
The Mediterranean is not swimmable by normal folk though some hardy souls enjoy it.
There may still be some skiing possible nearby but snow quality will be declining.
North France will be a bit chilly and the Mistral wind will still be tormenting Provence tourists.

Italy: Central Italy will be waking up to tourism now, so add Tuscany’s Pisa, Lucca and of course Florence to Rome and south Italy. Venice could be warm and wet, but goes crazy during the seven day Venice Carnival, if this is the month.

Greece: April is fine for Athens and the south; it’s getting warm and crowds are acceptable. Greece is loaded with sights, ruins and landscapes (e. g. Meteora). The islands are gorgeous, though the north is chilly, the Med’s still too cold for swimming and most of the ferry systems are inactive. . . so fly!

South England – nearly not in the EC now due to Brexit – could be warm and sunny. Equally it could be cold and wet. Whatever,  London always makes a great visit even if accommodation is pricey, the superb free museums and galleries make up for it. Stonehenge is not far, nor is CanterburyOxford or Cambridge.