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Travel Safety in Cape Town

Bugbog Travel Directory: a collection of useful advice  pages to help you travel smoothly and safely

Cheap FlightsSaving money on low cost flights; how to avoid problems with flights; compensation for delayed or cancelled flights; your airline rights – cheap tickets or not so cheap?!; world’s worst major airport terminals. Avoid them!; world’s safest airlines

Cruises – unbiased information on cruise lines, large ships and small ships: choosing cruises and  cabins; best cruise ships 2016; how to get best value cruises; Antarctic cruises: beware!

Travel Health  –  advice and suggestions on how to avoid problems while travelling, from our experiences as well as other sources: avoiding mosquito diseases including Zika and Malaria, jet lag, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Altitude Sickness, food and drink issues, Lyme Disease

Travel Safety – avoiding robbery: government advice on unsafe areas, three bugpages of robbery anecdotes, how to avoid being robbed, pickpockets, grab and run, danger zones, ATMs, credit card problems, travel safety ranking, least safe cities and streets, locking up, how not to lose your bags or contents, driving abroad and more!

Consumer Protection – how not to lose out when buying a tour or travel package and what to do if it all goes wobbly: Protecting your travel investment; if your holiday plans go pear-shaped; how to complain; Consumer Protection organisations; over-booked hotels; TripAdvisor fake reviews

Travel Insurance UK – a listing of the best agencies in the UK.