Bugbog – About Us

Bugbog senior staff, Ikuko and Julian

Bugbog crew, Ikuko and Julian, in the Sahara, Morocco

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page“. St Augustine

Julian and Ikuko

Julian studied photography at Bournemouth Art College in the south of England and went into photojournalism in Japan after teaching English in a variety of exotic places. He worked with Ikuko, a Japanese writer, on various magazines including Marie Claire Japon, Asahi Graph, Playboy, Outdoor, Gulliver, The Japan Times and Asahi Evening News. The work involved worldwide travel reportage and photography, a great excuse to see more of the weird and wonderful places, especially enjoying such oddities as Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Madagascar, and Indonesia’s Baliem Valley.
After moving to England they started Bugbog in 2000  but tired of the endlessly grey weather and now live and work in  Nice in the south of France.
The two believe that the essential ‘exotic’ countries that should top everyone’s bucket list are Peru and Myanmar.

Bugbog senior staff, Ikuko and Julian

En route for Madagascar as official photographer/journalist team to cover French endurance team racing.

Bugbog  Mission

Bugbog is an independent, impartial website with informative travel photos and compact guides for Europe, English-Speaking countries, Exotic Places,  as well as sidelines such as Travel Health and Safety advice, a collection of the World’s Best Beaches, Best Cities and Best Destinations by month.

Our priorities are: download speed, clarity, simplicity and utility – along with good quality photos of destinations to illustrate both the upsides and downsides. The primary aim is to produce stylish but informative photos alongside the written word.

 Julian at Burning Man

Julian enjoying the Playa Living Room, Burning Man, Nevada, USA

Bugbog is basically intended as a destination finder and travel guide to help holidaymakers quickly and efficiently choose the best worldwide holiday spot according to their needs and holiday date. We do not sell holidays or flights, though we link to reputable companies that do.

We are not attempting to be a detailed reference, but rather a compact and inspirational guide for fast, informed destination decision-making. Use us, then buy the guide book!

Ikuko in Sana'a, North Yemen

Iku entertaining the troops in Sana’a market place,  North Yemen

Bugbog name means…?

Bugbog is an abbreviation of the dying words of George V in 1936. Bognor Regis was a seaside town visited by the Royal Family in the 1920s.
Standing beside King George’s sick bed, one of his ministers said, “Cheer up, your Majesty, you’ll soon be at Bognor again. ”
The king groaned, “Bugger Bognor! ” and died.
True? Well, we like to think so. Residents of Bognor Regis probably disagree.

 Julian and lemurs, Madagascar

Working as a mobile perch for lemurs in Berenty Reserve, Madagascar

Some reviews

Ikuko and Julian in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Doing the fake tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wanderlust magazine Travel Awards: Readers voted Bugbog at #6 out of 500 travel websites in a satisfaction league table. [Lonely Planet was #1]. The Editor commented: ‘. . . It’s surprising this [Bugbog] didn’t score higher considering the inspiring travel photo galleries, the useful links to other relevant sites and the range of quirky feature sections to help broaden your plans. . . ‘

Ikuko, Julian and kid on Easter Island

Sizing up moai at Tongariro, Easter Island, Chile.

‘I was surprised, amused, and impressed by what you have done. I found it useful for the kind of travel I like to do, and the destination and weather information is consistent with my experience and knowledge. ‘ Marc Brosius, Round-The-World Travel Guide

‘Bugbog. . . offers impartial advice and an entertaining design. You can search by month for the most colourful, cultural, historic and wildlife destinations. ‘ Tony Dawe, The Times

Ikuko walking with locals in Baliem Valley, West Papua, Indonesia

Baliem Valley men guiding Ikuko through the mud, West Papua.

‘. . really, really nice; excellent pictures, cool concept. ‘ Patrick Wullaert, Travel Chat website

A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits : ) ‘ Bill Darling, Critical Mass [Internet Resource Guide]

‘If you want to make a more informed choice of travel destination, this site may be for you. A thoroughly refreshing change. ‘ Jules Grant, Media Business Magazine

‘From the striking first page to the impressive picture galleries and excellent links to travel information, this is an extraordinarily vibrant site. . . . enthusiasm shines through. . ‘ The Times [Travel/Web section]

 Ikuko riding a stingray, Moorea, South Pacific

Ikuko playing with marine animals, never mind that they are equipped with deadly weaponry. Moorea, South Pacific.

A very well thought-out and constructed site. I applaud their decision to step back and produce a robust, functional site that really delivers without showing off. . . it becomes absorbing as you search for obscure details or links, and you may spend longer on this site than expected. It’s certainly found a place in my ‘Favourites’. Adrian Mann, TravelMole site-of-the-week review.

‘. . primary purpose seems to be to inspire. Completely independent, it gives destination ideas. . . Packed with inspirational photos, it will get your feet itching. ‘ Lyn Hughes, Wanderlust Magazine

Ikuko with Huli Wigmen in Papua New Guinea

Ikuko again attracting hordes of warlike men, in this case Huli Wigmen in Papua New Guinea.

‘. . . few individuals write as well or as entertainingly as this. . . An eclectic collection of mostly long-haul travelogues with great photos, it is designed to help stimulate independent travel choice and succeeds comfortably. ‘ Listed at #4 of Steve Keenan’s 50 favourite travel websites, The Times

‘One of the best guides to more exotic locations, it is as absorbing and exotic as the destinations it covers. ‘ Web User (5 stars – maximum)

 Julian mushing huskies in Hokkaido, Japan

Julian learning to drive  in Hokkaido, Japan.