Ios island, Greece

Milopotas beach, Ios, Greece islands

Milopotas beach, aka Milopotamos or Mylopotas, Ios.

Why holiday on Ios?

Just north of Santorini in the Cyclades island group – this little island has a reputation as a wild party place which it happily fulfills from mid-July to August, though only in the town, aka ‘The Village. Things can get out of control at that time but during the remaining summer months Ios is a tranquil though slightly dull island featuring two of Greece’s best beaches, Milopotas and Manganari.

Milopotas beach long view, Ios, Greece islands

Milopotas Beach is big and sheltered, with superb soft sand, crystal waters and plenty of good tavernas, alternative cafés, camp sites and discreet hotels nearby. Water sports facilities are also available. Mylopotas is only just outside the main ‘village’, an easy stagger after a night partying.

Manganari beach, Ios, Greece islands

Manganari beach.

Ios does have another beautiful, bigger and quieter beach than Milopotas on the south side of the island, Manganari, but it’s 22km (14m) of bus, scooter ride or boat journey to get there. Most beaches have some water sports facilities such as wind surfing or water skiing.

Ayia Theodhoti beach, Ios, Greece islands

Ayia Theodhoti is another popular Ios beach, 9 kms from hora, sheltered but a little stony. Or is that stoned?

Hora, the village, Ios, Greece islands

Hora/chora, the only village on Ios.

Ios Hora is the picture of Greek rectitude, tradition and comfortable tranquility, with a cluster of tourist-oriented shops and restaurants running though the centre. . . until the summer night creeps in and the beast of booze eats the young visitors. And with around 30 bars in the village and half a dozen clubs there’s plenty for everyone who wants to get wasted.

Ios visitors: a couple of don’ts

A club in the village, Ios, Greece islands

One of the local clubs.

Don’t drink Bombas, they’re cheap but probably mixed with surgical spirit or perhaps nail varnish; you’ll get drunk very fast and spend days regretting it.
Don’t try sleeping rough, especially on the beaches, this is no longer tolerated by the police.
Don’t be casual with your valuables, theft is a problem during the height of summer.