Brighton Pier, England

Brighton Pier deck chairs, England

Deck chairs for rent on the Pier.

Brighton Pier things to do and see

The pier offers a good – tho pricey – alternative to the beaches for kid-laden families with its merry-go-rounds, dodgems, haunted house, candyfloss, shooting ranges as well as some seriously scary high-altitude, high-speed pendulums that guarantee screams and nausea-induced tranquility later.

Brighton Pier amusements, England

Teens lurching away from a rocket ride.

Brighton Pier merry-go-round, England

The pier carousel.

Brighton Pier Elvis impersonator, England

Elvis reincarnated for a beginning-of-the pier show on a Brighton Sunday in August.

Brighton Pier seats, England

Sheltered seating for windy or chilly days.

Brighton Pier view from beach, England

The pier seen from Brighton beach.

And when tourists have had enough salt air, shingle and slot machines they can explore the occasionally shabby but always striking streets of Brighton town centre.