Pattaya Pictures Guide, Thailand

Overview of Pattaya pictures, Thailand

Pattaya city seen from an overlook.

Pattaya pictures guide

Pattaya’s raison d’être was originally partners for hire, short or long term, male, female or somewhere in between – the selection is huge, the attitude is relaxed and prices are not expensive.

However, in the last few years Pattaya has/is evolving into a more general – even family – beach resort offering access to a fair selection of water sports, fun shopping, golf, attractions such as Thai temples and gardens and easy access to nearby Theme parks – so now families come here as well as those looking for Some Kind of Love (thanks Lou Reed).

The corniche is pretty and yields endless entertainment of the “WTF did you see that? ” variety, as does the ‘Walking Street’ and pink-lit, beer-bars after 7pm.

Pattaya lurks provocatively just three hours by road from Bangkok and less to lovely Koh Samet island via Ban Phe port and a 40 minute boat ride.

Pattaya corniche jogger and narrow coarse sand beach, Thailand.

Pattaya corniche and narrow coarse sand beach.


Pattaya pictures of beaches, Thailand

Jomthien beach is large but totally lacking in charm.

The main beach is small, the sand is coarse and the water is murky and unattractive, though reasonably clean. A much bigger beach, Jomtien, is farther south and will require a very long walk or a taxi/bike ride to reach. It’s a primo windsurfing spot but the sand is still coarse, the water unattractive (probably polluted?) and high-rises line the shore. Gays line the north end of Jomtien as well as parts of the town.

Pattaya town is still an overdeveloped jumble of pink-lit girlie/boy bars, half finished construction and monster hotels.

This is not a serious beach destination, but does offer easy access from Bangkok and a variety of family attractions. If you want great beaches nearby head for Koh Samet (island)

Love, or something

Pattaya is a surprisingly inoffensive haven for the love-dispossessed – wrinklies, plug uglies and handicapped guys  mix it with arabs, US military personnel from U-Tapao just 30 kms down the road. In fact this Vietnam-era American base was responsible for initiating all the sex/R ‘n’ R in Pattaya.

These stressed love refugees have three things in common: they have money to spend, they are hot for sleek Asians and they have all the fashion sense of a third-degree burn.

Interestingly Thai men mostly don’t seem bothered that many of their prettiest girls/boys are running around with butt-ugly foreigners.

The hired hands too appear relaxed and tolerant and often spend a couple of weeks traveling around Thailand – especially to proper beach resorts such as Koh Samet  – with men who treat them like princesses and pay enough to support their families for a year.

Love and/or marriage are not uncommon results of these liaisons.

Things to do in Pattaya and nearby

attractions in Pattaya pictures, Thailand

Million Years Stone Park, photo by TrapperFrank

• Pattaya Park, amusements (originally Funnyland) and water park, an extensive entertainment facility with rides, tower jumps, revolving restaurants and much more. 5 kms/2 miles outside Pattaya.

• Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm actually includes a lot more animals and birds including white tigers, giraffes, elephants, bears, parrots as well as crocodiles. Good for children and good general facilities, an easy taxi ride from Pattaya.

• Underwater World Aquarium, good family viewing experience, large selection of species, possible to swim with sharks and more. . .

• Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. In addition to the museum there is a haunted mansion, a wax museum, and a popular Infinity Maze. Quite pricey and staff occasionally prefer to play with their smart phones than jump our and scare the bejesus out of visitors so Ripley’shaunted mansion is a bit iffy, believe it or not.

• Elephant village where an hour’s trekon elephant back and a dip in a lake is the main action but they also do forest walks and the art of silk making. The village is about 25 minttes drive from Pattaya but they will do a pick-up if requested.

• Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Sri Racha town on the outskirts of Pattaya. The big attraction is seeing a tiger feeding piglets, or a sow feeding tigers, or perhaps you prefer to see a cute Thai girl covered with black scorpions? They also do elephant rides and croc feeding, just like the neighbours! It’s a dog-eat-dog world out here in Thailand.

• Mini Siam model village including models of famous world landmarks but really of minor interest and quite dilapidated.

• Vimantaitalay tourist submarine runs 30 minute trips underwater to see corals and marine life offshore.

If you book a trip expect to be under the water for 45 minutes though transfers out to the sub and the surface sub journey also take about 40 minutes so total time is 2-3 hours.

• Golf on one of 21 courses nearby

• Visiting varied Thai temples

• Visit a nearby island via ferry, such as Koh Samet

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden, Pattaya, Thailand

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden, near Pattaya

Evenings in Pattaya

Pattaya pictures of red light district, Thailand

But nighttime is when Pattaya comes alive. . . the main street and girl zone.

Pattaya pictures of Boyz town, Thailand

Boyz only.

Transwomen in Pattaya, also know as Kathoey or Transexuals, Thailand

‘Transwomen’ in Pattaya, also know as Kathoey or Transexuals. Photo by Ohconfucius.

Hostess Beer-Bar, Pattaya, Thailand

An open air beer-bar with Thai boxers warming up in the background and hostesses nattering to dispossessed romantics.

Pattaya Weather

The best season extends from December to March when rainfall is very low and temperatures pretty warm but not humid. Average highs in the period are 30C ( 86F) and lows are 23C (73F).
The worst months are hot and oppressively humid April, May.
OK months if you don’t mind some rain/cloud/rough seas/mosquitoes are June to November. Temperatures change little year round with highs in the low 30sC and lows in the early 20sC. The key factor to observe is humidity.

Prostitution in Thailand, two views

• US State Department: ‘Like slaves on an auction block waiting to be selected, victims of human trafficking have to perform as they are told or risk being beaten. Sex buyers often claim they had no idea that most women and girls abused in prostitution are desperate to escape, or are there as a result of force, fraud, or coercion’.

• Extract from John Burdett’s superb Bangkok Haunts crime thriller:

‘A girl arrives in Krung Thep (Bangkok) from Isaan feeling lonely, terrified, inadequate, poor. A middle-aged man arrives from the West feeling, lonely, terrified, inadequate, rich. They’re like two halves of a coin. All my mother’s bar does is facilitate their inevitable congress, supply the beer and the music, the short- term accommodation, and rake off a little profit. The whole thing is driven by a good healthy primeval need for animal warmth and comfort. In all my years with the Game I’ve only come across half a dozen serious cases of abuse by one party by another, and I figure that’s because the whole thing works perfectly as an expression of natural morality and grassroots capitalism’.

• Pattaya ia a large town but the sex-oriented districts amount to less than 10% of the area. The infrastructure that is there now is thanks to the US military sex trade the same way that Las Vegas is thanks to gambling. If you removed gambling from Vegas it would be a shell of itself. The same applies to Pattaya although the effect of closing down the sex trade would not be quite as severe.

There is no argument, that Pattaya would not exist without these ladies/boys/somewere-in-betweens but it is far from the only thing there. Pattaya is a growing and vibrant city with plenty of alternative activities.