Phuket Beaches Map, Thailand

phuket beaches map, thailand

Phuket Beaches Map, the best in the west!

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Phuket is the largest of Thailand’s islands and the country’s most popular sand and sea destination, though much of it is tourism of the package kind. The beaches are largely similar, mostly with soft sand, clear warm water enclosed in pretty bays. Patong is the largest and busiest, attached to the lively but brash, noisy and unattractive town of Patong.

South of Patong are a handful of beaches that cater to up-market tourists while beaches in the north of Phuket become increasingly less crowded and offer less facilities the further away from Patong they get but are popular with seekers of quiet, good value beach holidays. Sand, however becomes coarser and waves more brutal.

Beware swimming when beaches have red flags flying which often happens in or near the rainy/summer season. Patong and Karon beaches are especially susceptible. There is a real danger of drowning from tide rips (strong currents), with an average of one tourist drowning a month in summertime.

Beaches on the east coast of Phuket island are mainly untidy, unattractive and without decent facilities but alright if you desire isolation and don’t mind sharing the beach with flotsam, jetsam and plastic bags.

Chalong port in Chalong Bay also not a pretty sight and unsuitable for beach lovers due to excessively muddy water but is an important marine hub with a massive pier, customs and immigration facilities, hotels, restaurants, shops, booking kiosks and more.

Yachts, slow ferries, faster long- tail boats and very fast speedboats head out from Chalong Bay to the Phi Phi Islands, scuba diving locations such as the Similan Islands and over to Krabi resorts such as West Railay.