Mauritius sights, Indian Ocean

Mauritius, a massive Banyan tree

The ubiquitous banyan tree, among the best Mauritius sights!

Mauritius sights: best things to do and see apart from beaches

Mauritius offers few sights, but here are a few of the island’s things to visit, after beaches, naturally.

Banyan trees, one of tropical countries’ most spectacular growths are visible beside roads all over the island, and – brutal but true – make better sights than many of the official tourist attractions. That being said, things to do in Mauritius may be in short supply but at least there are some attractions a visit, unlike many competing beach-oriented islands such as the Seychelles or much of the Caribbean which offer sand, sea and walks but little else.

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earths

Chamarel, Mauritius

Chamarel in southern Mauritius is a strange and fairly attractive region of eroded volcanic soils of varying colours. Tourists are not permitted to walk over the humps but use viewing platforms (for a price). There’s an Adventure Park nearby and a waterfall. It’s not really a must-see.

Rochester Falls, Mauritius

Chamarel Falls.

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin’s Ganga Talao Hindu site.

This is the best bet for an unusual cultural trip in Mauritius (especially if it’s not raining! ) is this odd and colourful Hindu temple frequented by monkeys beside a lake writhing with large eels, and all overseen by serene, bizarre statues.

A sugra Cane plantation, Mauritius

A drive through a sugar cane plantation.

lily pads in Mauritius

A park lake featuring Victoria hybrids. Photo by Alexxx86.

Red Bulbul bird, Mauritius

Plenty of bird life in Mauritius. This is a red-whiskered Bulbul.

Port Louis traffic, Mauritius

Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius and not an attractive place. It’s a non-sight but sadly en route from most of A to much of B.