Noosa, Australia

Noosa Heads, east coast beaches, Queensland, Australia.

Noosa Heads Main Beach.

Why visit Noosa Heads?

Noosa is a quietly affluent, low-rise town focused on water with excellent beaches and parks.

Water comes in two forms, the salty stuff with consistent waves that makes Noosa a popular place to learn surfing and the freshwater stuff wiggling its way down to the sea via the Noosa River and a couple of creeks that has created a labyrinth of twisting waterways and a mecca for charming, hideously expensive waterfront properties.

Main Beach sports great soft sand and moderate surf but is not the best beach in the area – that’s nudie Alexandria beach, nor the best surf beach – that’s Sunshine Corner at the north of Sunshine Beach. Lessons happen at Noosa spit at the other end of the beach pictured above. .

Clearly a great place to live, Noosa is also a pretty terrific place to visit, with around 300 days of sunshine a year, national parks all around, consistently warm water, good surf and some of the best surf schools in the country, direct access north to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island and Brisbane just an hour south and the Gold Coast just spitting distance beyond that.
Apart from surfing, walking in the endless scenic parks and kayaking the waterways are popular activities.

Main Beach with Noosa Heads National Park on the left and Hastings Street to the right, Australia

Another view of Main Beach with Noosa National Park on the left and Hastings Street to the right.

Various Noosas variations are scattered in the vicinity but Noosa Heads is where the buses stop and as close to the action as you can get in the form of Hastings Street, running beside Main Beach pictured above.
Hastings Street is the place to stay though there is very limited backpacker accommodation available there so book well in advance. Alternatively, just stay as near to Hastings as possible – Noosa Parade is loaded with good places just 15 minutes walk away.

Noosa life

Hastings Street, Noosa Heads, the main shopping area, Australia.

Hastings Street, Noosa Heads, the main shopping area.

Noosa Heads is on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia about 136 kilometres (85 miles) north of Brisbane and has a regular population of just over 250, 000 lucky folk.

Residential life in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Residential life in Noosa. Mate, could I have a piece of that? (Actually I did ask that question to a local lawyer; he said no)