Lake McKenzie Beach, Fraser Island, Australia

Lake McKenzie beach, Fraser Island, Australia.

Castles made of sand, stone-free and the wind cries Lake McKenzie.

Why is Lake McKenzie such a brilliant beach?

Perched on a layer of solid leaf matter Lake McKenzie deserves to be recognised as one of the best beaches in the world, with stunningly fine white, stone-free sand and warm, clear, pure freshwater to bathe in. The weather is warm, the location is totally natural, the water contains no killer critters and the sand entertains no coral lumps. Even the dingoes are friendly, trotting down the beach for a drink and to check out the visitors and their backpacks.

McKenzie Beach’s main drawback is that you need first to get to Fraser Island, then drive at least half an hour on a sand track to reach the place. Still, compared to Whitehaven Beach access is easy and cheap.

Dingo Danger?

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Dingo territory. Just a little awareness may be worthwhile.

A dingo on Lake McKenzie beach, Australia

Hmm. The critter doesn’t look so threatening from here, especially compared to Australia’s really dangerous animals.

Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie beach, Australia

Both humans and dingoes love Lake McKenzie’s powder sand and fresh clean water. We’re pretty sure this is the best sand we have ever set foot on and clearest water we have ever swum in. Pity about the time taken to get here from Hervey Bay.