World Wonders July

Stonehenge, England pictures.

Stonehenge in summertime but somehow (very late? ) without the crowds. Photo by Lachlan Fearnley

Best Ancient Sites to explore in July

July is generally not a good month to visit ancient sites. Most of them are either incredibly, unbearably hot, or totally and constantly wet. Or both. Not to mention the seething, sweating crowds of climatically confused tourists on summer holidays.

These fairy chimneys are more of a geological wonder than a man made one, although men have dug homes into many of them. Best: May-September. Avoid: November-March.

*Stonehenge, England

Enormous shaped stones dating from 2100 BC, Stonehenge is a short distance from London and near some other excellent ancient sites. Best: May-September. Avoid October – February.

A truly magnificent and timeless piece of engineering, offering terrific walks too if you have the time. Best: April-July, September, October. Avoid: winter.

*Machu Picchu, Peru

‘Lost’ Inca city, picture above. Amazingly scenic and well and mysterious old city built by the Incas on a hilltop surrounded by virgin mountains. Best: April-June, September-November. OK July, August. (winter). Avoid: December-March (rain).

* Not the best month for this wonder, but ok