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Latin America Map
Central & South America



Latin America Map including Central America and South America.

This non-zoom Google map shows the extent of Latin America, stretching from Mexico in Central America to Chile and Argentina in South America.


Regional Latin America Maps, Guides and Photos


Best Latin America Destinations

Latin America - a region with about 400 million inhabitants mostly speaking Spanish - sits on two continents, with Central America (Mexico to Panama) on the North American geographic plate and South America on the South American plate. Due to language, culture, climate and geographic similarities we have taken the liberty of examining them as a unit.

The name America is derived from the Spanish explorer who discovered the continent, Amerigo Vespucci.

Latin America has a mass of travel and accommodation options and can be a cheap or extravagant vacation depending on your budget. It offers astonishing ancient artefacts, wonderful walks, incredible beaches, buzzing wildlife and colorful people.
Note that Spanish is an easy language and used across this region apart from Brazil (where they speak Portuguese, but many understand Spanish and/or English). Do a bit of study before you take off, it's really worthwhile!

Our favourite Latin American countries

Mexico embraces a brilliant variety of ancient sites and spectacular beaches on two coasts; Guatemala does jungle-shrouded pyramids and volcanoes; Costa Rica is the place for volcanoes and wildlife spotting; Ecuador is home to some pleasant Spanish colonial towns and Amazon rainforest experiences but their biggest hit is the Galapagos Islands, a few hundred kilometres into the Pacific Ocean; Peru is one of our two favorite countries in the world (the other is Myanmar), with, well, everything, including superb colonial Spanish towns, a fine chunk of Amazon jungle replete with wildlife, Indian women in bowler hats, fantastic high altitude walks (e.g. the Inca Trail) and of course incredible ancient structures built by the legendary Inca civilisation; Brazil also gives good Amazon jungle experiences as well as offering the Pantanal region further south for more easily visible wildlife, and the gorgeous city of Rio de Janeiro - somewhat tainted by crime; Argentina is home to great hikes in the Patagonia and Bariloche regions in addition to the lively and interesting capital of Buenos Aires; Chile does without an interesting capital but encompasses the striking Atacama Desert, Torres del Paine NP (similar and adjacent to Patagonia) and if you can afford a long flight offshore the bizarre and astonishing Easter Island.

Links to these magnificent vacation destinations can be found below.



Argentina Pictures Guide South America. Best spring (September-November) or autumn (March-May); worst January-February

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Brazil Travel Guide South America. Best April-October (September-November, March-May in the South); worst December-February

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Chile Travel Guide South America. Best October, November, March, April; worst January-February.

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Costa Rica Pictures Guide Central America. Best December-April; worst June-September

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Cuba Travel Guide Caribbean. Best November-April; worst July-August

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Ecuador Travel Guide South America. Best October-May; worst June-September

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Guatemala Travel Guide Central America. Best November-May; worst June-October

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Mexico Travel Guide Central America. Best November-May; worst June-October

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Peru Pictures Guide South America. Best April-May, September-October; worst December-March

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Read our Travel Health and Travel Safety pages but don't be intimidated, these places are worth more than a little trouble.

In addition to guides, each country listed has photos in our Travel Pictures section.


Best Exotic (including Latin America) Destinations by Month based on normal weather patterns






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