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Trek America runs a wide range of good value, small group road trips for 18-38s, such as USA Adventure Destinations, Southern Sun (Coast to coast NYC to LA), America's Top 10 and Specials!

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Why travel to the USA?

The United States of America is a mega-land of such staggering diversity that even some well-off Americans don't have a passport - every vacation requirement from magnificent national parks, vast, hot beaches, cool urban culture, killer theme parks to wacko festivals, mad adrenalin activities and calm, stimulating shopping - it's all there at home in the US.

Americans are generally friendly, ready to help, quite the opposite of the gun-crazed wackos celebrated by Hollywood, but big distances mean big time travel, tho' not at big cost. Finally, the majority of towns, streets and malls in Normalville, are tacky and unattractive.





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