Alaska Tourism Map, USA

Alaska, USA, with Canada on the right (east) and Russia on the left (west).

Why vacation in Alaska, USA?

Alaska is the largest state in the USA, and the only one within the Arctic Circle – in fact it’s hardly in the USA at all, being way north and nearer to Canada than the USA, with massive areas sporting little but spectacular mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests, with plenty of wildlife going visibly about their business – bears (in summertime), moose, eagles, whales and more.
Popular activities range from hiking, biking and kayaking to fishing, driving and cruising on a comfortable ship with a Dry Martini in hand.
Most tourism to this state is from May to September but for the ardent winter sports fan Alaska is an unusual and low-cost alternative to Aspen or Whistler while for the determined isolation seeker Alaska’s summer months offer a wild and active vacation.