Iceland Map of main tourist destinations

Iceland map of main tourist destinations and towns. Double click on map to zoom.

Why Travel to Iceland?

This is one of the most geologically interesting countries in the world, with a barren and volcanic element which gives it a great charm, albeit somewhat weird. Fantastic waterfalls, geysers, volcanic bubblings and blowouts, snowy mountains, grassy plains, geothermal pools for bathing and lava, lava everywhere. And trees? Nay, lad.
Iceland’s ‘Golden Triangle’ consists of Gullfoss waterfall, Strokkur geyser and Snaefell volcano.
The midnight sun – almost totally light summer nights – is an experience all of it’s own, while
history buffs will love the Viking Saga stories.
Pollution and crime are close to zero, traffic jams and crowds do not exist, life stress is low and everyone speaks English.

– Outside Reykjavik, cultural tourism is virtually zero.
– The weather is often dire, with little blue sky visible even in the summer.
– Most of country is devoid of vegetation above boot level, though that is partly the attraction