Scottish Highlands Map, Scotland

scottish highlands map, scotland, UK

The Scottish Highlands is a sparsely populated area – less than 250,000 people in 2015 – in northwest Scotland dominated by hills and mountains, including Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis. It’s bleak, beautiful and especially popular with hill walkers and climbers though sufficient snow for good skiing is not commonplace as the mountains don’t reach the heights of, for example, the French Alps.
The many large and tranquil lochs make for fine kayaking.
However! One summer issue with driving around the Highlands is tempting stop-offs for a simple picnic beside a beautiful lake or little romantic ‘nookie’ in a pristine glade near the winding road is quite likely to be interrupted by hordes of midges (tiny mosquitoes) that travel in clouds (self-made clouds!) and do not fear any kind of repellent that we know of. What a pain, literally and metaphorically.