Arctic Circle Map

A map of the Arctic Circle, marked in blue.

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The Arctic Circle, as outlined on the map in yellow, is the region of the Northern Hemisphere surrounding the North Pole.
The map represents a global view at 90° N 0° to the planet, displaying the seven countries included in the circle; Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the United States of America. The North American section of the Arctic Circle in Alaska is currently under threat of oil exploitation by the current administration of the United States Government.

The Arctic, unlike the Antarctic, does have indigenous peoples and polar bears, but no penguins unless they are seriously adrift in their navigation. Both poles are visited by abundant numbers of whales and seals.
Through July-August daylight is 24/7.

The word Arctic is derived from Arktos, ‘the bear’ in Greek, due to the Great Bear constellation above the North Pole.