Antarctic Circle Map

Antarctic Circle Map

A map of the Antarctic circle courtesy of Hogweard

The Antarctic Circle as outlined in yellow on the map, is the region in the Southern Hemisphere surrounding the South Pole. The map represents a global view at 90° S 0° to the planet, displaying the continent of Antarctica. The nearest neighbouring country is Argentina and the second nearest is New Zealand. The Antarctic Circle is the coldest and driest place on earth and is owned by no one but claimed by many, and hence it’s political future is in question.

There are no Polar Bears nor indigenous people in the Antarctic, just mad scientists, penguins, whales and seals. From November-January daylight is 24/7.

The word Antarctic is derived from Antarktikos, ‘opposite the bear. ‘ It is the only land on Earth owned by no one.

Depending on the length of the voyage, some cruises visit the Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands and/or mountainous South Georgia. Zodiac excursions permit close encounters with wildlife and icebergs in the surrounding waters while some tours offer Antarctic kayaking or onshore camping. Experts lecture visitors on natural history, wildlife and other features of Antarctica.
Ships travelling Antarctic waters range from Russian icebreakers to expedition cruise ships with strengthened hulls.

Antarctic cruises are best between the months of November – March.