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New York City Pictures
New York, USA



Brooklyn Bridge at night, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Brooklyn Bridge, heading for Manhattan island, New York City.


Manhattan Map


Some great tourist sights

Brooklyn Bridge

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge - or even just walking halfway across then back - is one of New York's most illuminating experiences, summarising the city perfectly. An impressive sight during the day, Manhattan becomes a glowing, magical fortress of light after dark, enveloped by thunderous, roaring, destructive forces of four-wheel evil.

The stunning bridge, opened in 1883 after a number of tragic accidents, was the world's first steel suspension bridge.


The Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian and cyclist section, Manhattan, New York City, USA

The Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian and cyclist section, above the motor vehicles.

A pedestrian/cycle path running down the centre and above the noxious transport beasts, was added to the Brooklyn Bridge in the 1980s.

The starting points of the path are poorly marked and vehicle noise is oppressive, but the city views after sunset are wonderful. Walking out from the Manhattan end up to the central point and returning from there is probably the easiest way to accomplish this walk, but don't stray into the bike lane without looking or you stand a good chance of being wiped out by two-wheel furies.


The Chrysler Building and eagle, Manhattan, New York City, USA

The art-deco Chrysler Building, Manhattan, considered by many to be the city's finest skyscraper; it was completed in 1930 and is currently the third tallest building in New York.

There is no shortage of striking sights in New York City from the bridges across the Hudson to the older skyscrapers and official buildings, though the newer structures tend towards style-free, glass and concrete lumps.


The Manhattan Bridge and  Empire State Building, New York City, USA

The Manhattan Bridge, crossing the East River to connect Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn; completed in 1912. The Empire State Building gleams in the background.



The US Post Office, Manhattan, New York City, USA

The US Post Office, Manhattan

The New York Post Office, sports perhaps the world's grandest slogan above the columns: 'Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.'


Grand Central Station, Manhattan,  Manhattan, New York City, USA

Grand Central Terminal, more often known as Grand Central Station.


Grand Central Station

This massive rail station, rebuilt in 1913, has 44 platforms that run over 600 trains a day on the Metro-North Railroad as well as NYC subways and buses. The Grand Central Terminal information desk - at the centre of the photo above - is a popular meeting place, while the restaurants serve excellent, reasonably priced food. The Oyster Bar is particularly famous.

Check the New York City Trip Planner for maps of subway stations, directions and schedules.


Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Times Square photo by Daniel Schwen.

Times Square

This, the Piccadilly of Manhattan, used to be the favourite hangout for New York's wackos, weirdos, whores and druggies, but is now awash with tourists looking for a place to eat, drink and watch the wackos, weirdos etc etc, who have now moved on to pastures new (except for the occasional cowboy singing folk-rock in his underwear and cowboy boots). Times Square is consequently overcrowded, less-than-interesting and not a square anyway, though it is adjacent to Broadway's famous shows that are definitely worth the ticket if you can get one.


Broadway night lights, Manhattan,  USA

Broadway, New York City's theatrical center; photo by UpstateNYer.



7th Avenue mannequins, Manhattan, New York City, USA

7th Avenue, Manhattan, nothing out of the ordinary there then.


8th Avenue, Manhattan, New  York City, USA

8th Avenue.


The  New York Public Library, New  York City, USA

The New York Public Library, Manhattan. Ah yes, the tidal wave place was it? Or Godzilla trashed it? Or both?


The Metropolitan Museum of New York, New  York City, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Otherwise known as the Met.



Statue of Liberty and Manhattan view, New York, USA

The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York Harbour, with Manhattan island in the background

The Statue of Liberty

Liberty,official name: Liberty Enlightening the World, is of course New York's premier sight, though officially it's in New Jersey. A gift from the French to celebrate America's 100th year of independence, the statue was unveiled in 1886.

Monument Visitor Information


Battery Park sculpture, Manhattan, New York City, USA

A dramatic sculpture near the Battery Park ferry dock on the south-west tip of Manhattan island, port for Liberty Island ferries.

Battery Park

Battery Park is prettier than the brutal name would suggest and offers tourist ferries to the Statue's island and neighbouring Ellis Island - the historic immigration area - as well as a brilliant distant view of the famous monument.

All visitors now have to undergo an airport style body and baggage check before boarding the ferry. If you wish to climb the monument, even to the lower level, you will probably need to book ahead by phone or internet, or at least arrive very early.


Ellis Island, New York City, USA

Ellis Island, the first point of contact for millions of immigrants into the USA.

Liberty island also offers an excellent museum on the background and structural details of the big girl.
The ferries run via Ellis Island and its lively and well produced museum at the same cost, for those who wish to learn more about early immigration to USA.


Central Park ivy-covered bridge, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Central Park, Manhattan's lungs and a spectacular relief from traffic drone, concrete canyons and shopping psychosis.

Central Park

Anyone seeing Hollywood's typical portrayal of Central Park over the years would imagine that it is a haven for muggers and rapists, whereas Central Park is, in fact, a haven for nature, with 26,000 trees, huge lakes and meadows, and is home to 260 species of bird. 25 million humans a year get to use the 9,000 benches, as well as cafés, restaurants, baseball pitches, boating lakes, skate rinks, tennis courts and rental bicycles.


Central Park rocks, Manhattan, New York, USA

Central Park's rocks such as those pictured above are 450 million years old.


Walking in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Compared to London's Hyde Park, for example, this park is bigger (the perimeter is 6 miles long), greener, more shapely and offers more entertainment. Unlike Hyde Park, however, you would be ill-advised to walk (58 miles of pedestrian paths!) or jog the park at night, unless in the company of savvy New Yorkers.


A kid's amusement park in Central Park,  Manhattan, New York City, USA

Whether you want to keep the kids entertained for a few blissful moments (21 playgrounds!)...



Relaxing in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, USA some quiet contemplation (9,000 benches!),...


Romantic horse carriage ride in Central Park, New York City, USA

...take a romantic ride or find somewhere to exercise, Central Park is New York's finest space case. But take a map, it's a monster!

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