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Scottish Highlands Pictures



Sports car on road in Scottish Highlands

Let's take a quick tour of the west Scottish Highlands (0-60 in 2.88 seconds so this isn't going to last long).


Scotland Weather | Map of Scotland



Shieldaig Island, west Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

Shieldaig, a saltwater loch off the Atlantic Ocean.

Shieldaig Island was populated with Scotts Pines to make masts for sailing ships to fight Napoleon two centuries ago. It is now a bird sanctuary and has nesting Sea Eagles.


Winter in the Torridon, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

Winter in the Torridon Highlands.

The Torridon Hills are the oldest in Europe. Rock in the Torridon area is between 2600 and 3000 million years old. Very nearly the highest in Britain, they rise in places almost vertically to 3500 feet from the deep sea lochs.
The hills are not only famous for the magnificent and dramatic views but also generally have steep terraced sides that provide excellent scrambling and climbing activities and are consequently popular with hikers, climbers and mountaineers.



Deer in  Torridon, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

Torridon inhabitants.


curving road and loch in Scottish Highlands

A nice blind bend to test the brakes of the R500.


The Russel Burn River, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

Russell Burn (river) on the Applecross peninsular crosses the famous 'Bealch na Ba' cattle pass, the highest mountain pass in the UK.


Kishorn, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

Mt. Ben Nevis seen from the Allt a'Mhuilinn path. Photo by Blisco.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft) above sea level, and is known to Highland folk as 'The Ben'. It's located near the town of Fort William and makes a terrific hiking or climbing destination though too many hikers and mountaineers go ill-prepared.

Weather conditions can deteriorate very rapidly leading to fast temperature drops and heavy fog or snow that conceals trails and escape routes. In some places snow is visible all year round. People die on the mountain regularly and the local Mountain Rescue team is kept busy.

The easiest and most popular walking route to the summit of the Ben is the Pony Track, sometimes known as the Mountain Path or Ben Path, starting on the east side of Glen Nevis at Achintee on the south side of the mountain, about 2 km (1.5 miles) from Fort William town centre. The Pony Track is trod by about 75,000 walkers a year!



Sunset on Shieldaig Loch, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

Shieldaig Loch. More Scottish Highlands Pictures.

Shieldaig Loch joins Loch Torridon and has a fleet of 6 fishing trawlers which mostly fish for Langoustine (which are transported to London, Madrid and even China the next day). The village itself was built to raise and train sailors to fight Napoleon.



Photos © Steve Carter


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