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Sahara Desert Pictures

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Lake Yasmina at sunrise on the edge of the Sahara Desert, Merzouga,  Morocco

Lake Yasmina at sunrise on the edge of the Sahara Desert, Merzouga.


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Lake Yasmina, tourist descending a big dune in  Sahara Desert, Merzouga,  Morocco

A tourist taking the quick route down from the big dune.

The Sahara desert stretches across North Africa from Morocco through Algeria to Tunisia and is the size of the USA.
It's actually only about 25% sand. The rest is composed of volcanic hills, rock and gravel plains and some vegetation which is home to around 300 species of bird and animals such as mongooses, snakes, jackals, hares, deer, foxes and even baboons. Desert experiences are not to be missed, though preferably on camel back and for a couple of days, including sleeping under the stars.



A huge big dune beside palms and gravel in  Sahara Desert,   Morocco

Driving along the edge of the Sahara requires a little care (mostly to avoid chipping the hired paintwork with flying gravel!) but is possible in a regular, non-4WD vehicle.



An irrigation tunnel in the   Sahara Desert,   Morocco

These mud lumps are ventilation holes for an irrigation tunnel about 2 or 3 metres down.


Tourist camel rides in the   Sahara Desert,   Morocco

A section of the Sahara desert in Morocco favoured for tourist camel rides.


Tourist walking in the   Sahara Desert,   Morocco

Sahara walks, without the grumpy camels or grasping camel drivers.

But dump your compact rental Renault on the gravel near some dunes, grab a couple of litres of water and a picnic lunch, walk/stagger for half an hour and you'll find a magical, solitary spot on a dune overlooking a silent Sahara panorama. Romance par excellence!



Waves of sand  in the   Sahara Desert,   Morocco

Artists and photographers will love the variety of shapes made by the play of light on wind-sculpted dunes early or late in the day. But don't leave it too late to find your wheels, there's not a lot of light around here, moon apart!



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