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Blois town
Loire Valley



Visiting Blois old town

the House of Magic, Blois,  Loire Valley, France

Maison de la Magie, the House of Magic - just opposite the entrance to Château de Blois - and its bizarre, free, half-hourly tyrannosaurus attack.


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Blois old town is a calm and pleasant place beside the Loire River. As usual the surrounding suburbs are swamped by tedious new builds and megastores but traffic isn't bad and the vielle ville is quite sizeable so this is a good option as a base for exploring the Loire Valley by car or cycle, as the old bridge will deliver tourists swiftly onto the south bank of the river from where access to various other châteaux is attractive and straightforward.

Apart from camping, good urban-base tourist alternatives for this favoured section of the Loire Valley are Amboise (smaller than Blois) and Tours (much bigger).


an Old town street,  Blois,  Loire Valley, France

A typical Blois old town street.


the Old Blois bridge across the  Loire River, France

Blois bridge with the château visible in the centre-right of the picture.


Blois Cathedral,  Loire Valley, France

Blois Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Louis de Blois), dating mainly from 1700 and not of much interest.


Blois church and gardens,  Loire Valley, France

Another church and gardens adjacent to the château.


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