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Cambodia's main tourist attraction, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia's main tourist attraction, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap. Photo by Samgarza


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The sublime, jungle scattered Khmer temples of Angkor are indisputably one of the world's greatest ancient attractions, but note that Angkor Wat, the best preserved temple, is just one of over thousand temples in varied states of decay scattered around the area.

Apart from the Angkor region, tourists who want to get a fuller picture of Cambodia should also visit the French-built capital, Phnom Penh, for fine food and museums; Sihanoukville for sun and sand; Battambang - the country's second largest city, charming and peaceful - just to do doing nothing in tranquility.
For off-the-beaten-track exploration try the farming town of Kratie, a backpacker's favourite for nature - especially Irrawaddy Dolphin hunting - or Kampong Cham for both ethnic and colonial delights.


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Bayon temple stone faces, Angkor, Cambodia

Bayon temple with a few of its 54 famously enigmatic stone faces, Angkor Thom.


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The Throne Hall, Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Throne Hall, Royal Palace, Phnom Penh.


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A fruit seller on Sihanoukville beaches, Cambodia

Sihanoukville, 230 kms southwest of Phnom Penh, is the place to find comfortable white sandy beaches.


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Floating village of Chong Kneas in Cambodia

Floating villages of Chong Kneas (photo above) and Tonlé Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia.


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Koh Ker temple, Cambodia

Koh Ker is a slightly out-of-the-way collection of Angkor temples, 2-3 hours by car from Siem Reap.



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Visas are obtainable on arrival at the both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International airports for most visitors.
Visas are also available for people crossing by land from Thailand at Poi Pet, Banteay Meanchey and Cham Yeam.
However, you need visas prior to arrival if you are entering from Vietnam at Bavet (Moc Bai in Vietnam) and Ka-Om Samnor (Chao Doc in Vietnam). Visa availability may vary at other crossing points, always check the latest situation before you go.


Best weather

The best time to visit is during the cool, dry months November - February. November- mid December especially benefits from pleasant, dry, warmth and vegetation that is still verdant after the rainy reason, but remember that the Christmas/New Year period will be crowded and pricey.

With its tropical climate, Vietnam has four seasons: the hot & rainy (June-August), cool & rainy (September, October), hot & dry (March-May), cool & dry (November-February).
The most uncomfortable time to visit is the 'green' season June - August, when it's hot, wet and humid.
Going in the late wet season is not a bad idea from September and October with less heat, less crowds and lower prices. At this time the beauty of Angkor is reinforced by lush greenery.



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