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Holidays and Travel in Exotic Countries


Hampi boat, India

'I love to sail forbidden seas and land on barbarous coasts' Melville




Argentina Travel Guide   South America. Best spring (Sept-Nov) or autumn (March-May); worst January-February

Argentina PicturesArgentina Map

Argentina Tours


Brazil Travel Guide   South America. Best April-Oct (September-November, March-May in the South); worst December-February

Brazil PicturesBrazil Map

Brazil BeachesRio de Janeiro Guide


Burma Myanmar Travel Guide   Asia. Best November-February. Worst April, May

Myanmar PicturesBurma Map



Cambodia Travel Guide   SE Asia. Best December-February; worst April, September-October

Cambodia PicturesCambodia Map


Chile Travel Guide   South America. Best Oct, Nov, March, April; worst Jan-Feb.

Chile PicturesEaster Island Pictures

Easter Island GuideChile Map

Chile Tours


China Travel Guide   Asia. Best April-June, September-October; worst January-February, July-August

China PicturesBeijing Guide

Hong Kong GuideChina Map


Costa Rica Travel Guide   Central America. Best December-April; worst June-September

Costa Rica PicturesCosta Rica Map

Costa Rica BeachesCosta Rica Tours


Cuba Travel Guide   Caribbean. Best November-April; worst July-August

Cuba PicturesCuba Beaches

Cuba MapCuba Tours


Ecuador Travel Guide   South America. Best October-May; worst June-September

Galapagos PicturesEcuador Map


Egypt Travel Guide   North Africa. Best October-March; worst June-September

Egypt PicturesEgypt MapPyramids

Red SeaLuxor


Guatemala Travel Guide   Central America. Best November-May; worst June-October

Guatemala MapGuatemala Tours


Iceland Travel Guide   Europe. Best June-August; worst January-March

Iceland PicturesIceland Map

Reykjavik Guide


India Travel Guide   South-Central Asia. Best November-March; worst June-September
India PicturesRajasthan

India BeachesIndia Map


Indonesia Travel Guide   South-East Asia. Best May-October

Indonesia PicturesBali Beaches

Indonesia Map


Israel Travel Guide   Middle East. Best March-May September-November; worst July-August

Israel MapIsrael Pictures


Japan Travel Guide   Far East. Best March-May, September-November; worst July-August

Japan PicturesJapan Map

Tokyo PicturesKyoto Pictures


Jordan Travel Guide   Middle East. Best March-May, September-November, worst July-August

Jordan PicturesJordan Map


Kenya Travel Guide   East Africa. Best January-March, July-September; worst March-May

Kenya Safari PicturesKenya Map


Laos Travel Guide   South-East Asia. Best November-February; worst June-October

Laos PicturesLaos Map


Madagascar Travel Guide   island off South Africa. Best April-October; worst December-March

Madagascar MapMadagascar Pictures


Malaysia Travel Guide   South-East Asia. Best October-February on West Coast; May-September on East Coast, worst November-February East Coast

Malaysia PicturesMalaysia Map

  Our Best by Month Guide is based on normal climatic conditions in the countries, local festivals and numbers of visitors expected at that time:

JanuaryFebruaryMarch April





a sadhu in Pashupatinah Temple, Nepal, Asia

Pashupatinah Temple, Nepal

Mali Travel Guide   Saharan Africa. Best November-January; worst March-June

Mali MapMali Pictures


Mexico Travel Guide   Central America. Best November-May; worst June-October

Mexico PicturesMexico Beaches

Mexico MapMexico Tours


Morocco Travel Guide   North Africa. Best February-May, September-October; worst July-August

Morocco PicturesMarrakesh

Morocco MapMorocco Tours


Myanmar Travel Guide, see Burma in left column.


Nepal Travel Guide   Asia. Best February-April, October-November; worst June-September

Nepal PicturesNepal Map


Namibia Travel Guide   Africa. Best May-October; worst November-March

Namibia PicturesNamibia Map


Oman Travel Guide   Middle East. Best October-April; worst June-September

Oman MapOman Pictures


Papua New Guinea Guide   Australasia. Best May-October; worst December-April

PNG MapPapua New Guinea Pictures


Peru Travel Guide   South America. Best April-May, September-October; worst December-March

Peru PicturesAmazon Rainforest Photos

Peru MapPeru Tours


Russia Travel Guide   Asia. Best May-September; worst November-March

Russia PicturesRussia Map

Moscow GuideSt Petersburg Guide


Singapore Travel Guide and Pictures   Southeast Asia. Best February-May but not much in it, hot and humid most of the year.


Tanzania Travel Guide   East Africa. Best December- February and June-September

Tanzania MapZanzibar Travel Guide

Zanzibar Beaches


Tibet Travel Guide   Asia. Best May- October

China Map


Thailand Travel Guide   SE Asia. Best December-March; worst May-October

Thailand Beaches Thai Beaches Pictures

Thailand Map


Tunisia Travel Guide   North Africa. Best April-June; worst November-March, July-August

Tunisia Map


Turkey Travel Guide   East Europe. Best April-October; worst December-March

Turkey PicturesTurkey Beaches

Turkey MapIstanbul


Vietnam Travel Guide   SE Asia. Best November-April; worst July-September

Vietnam PicturesVietnam Beaches

Vietnam Map


Yemen Travel Guide   Middle East. Best April-May, September-October; worst November-January

Yemen MapYemen Pictures





Read our Travel Health and Travel Safety pages but don't be intimidated, these places are worth more than a little trouble.

In addition to guides, each country listed has photos in our Travel Pictures section.

Don't know where these exotic destinations are? Check our World Maps


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