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Halkidiki, Greece



Sarti beach, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

Sarti beach view, Sithonia.

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Sarti is a friendly, comfortable little town in the south of the Greece's Sithonia Peninsular in Halkidiki, Macedonia.
Sarti's beach is not as soft or protected as some down the road a few miles, but those don't have a fair selection of bars, restaurants, shops or accommodation.
The sand here is generally coarse and the sea - fanned by a steady breeze - can be choppy, but experienced travellers who are in the mood for the perfect beach will simply jump on their scooters and head off for the day.
Others will enjoy the views across to Mt Athos and stroll to the far south end of Sarti's beach where there are mini dunes and finer sand.


Sarti town, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

Sarti town, Sithonia.

A fine block of new domatia (apartments) designed for foreigners, facing Mt Athos and only 5 metres from the beach. On the right is an old Greek cottage complete with old Greek widow.
Like much of Greece, Sarti is growing, with smart new domatia appearing regularly, and one suspects, little old cottages disappearing just as regularly.

Domatia like these are well equipped, very clean, with balconies overlooking the beach and a useful little kitchen. Twenty metres away in the street behind are grocer stores, restaurants and bars.



greece Typical new domatio, Sarti

Typical new domatio, Sarti, Sithonia.

Domatia (plural) like these are well equipped, very clean, often with balconies overlooking the beach and a useful little kitchen at a useful little price.


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