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Biarritz Beaches



Biarritz,  La Grande Plage beach, France

Biarritz' well-groomed La Grande Plage, with the Casino Municipal to the left.


Why holiday in Biarritz?

Once the favoured beach resort of the aristocracy Biarritz, just 11 miles north of Spain and in Basque territory, slipped in the popularity stakes in the 1960's as Riviera fever took France by the wallet.

Biarritz cannot compete with the Cote d'Azur's climate, nor water temperature, but it has its attractions, namely far less crowds and traffic, some fine buildings, less costly accommodation, huge, free-of-charge sandy beaches, and of course, regular surf. See the map of France.


Biarritz beach information and surf, France

Biarritz main beach, La Grande Plage, is well-organised, with separate swimmer and surfer areas and life-guards surveying the seas part of the time, well-filled bikinis most of the time.


Biarritz is easy to walk around and most famous for its coast, rocks, seafood, casinos and Basque attitude. The vicinity is buzzing with delightful bars, cafés and sea food eateries.



Beaches along the coast of Biarritz, France

Beaches along the coast just north of Biarritz. A few kilometres south of Biarritz is the lovely little seaside town of St Jean de Luz.


Biarritz town centre, France

Biarritz town centre © Barry


Biarritz Sea Museum, France

Biarritz Sea Museum, with a fine cluster of aquariums containing sharks and seals and other marine life.


Biarritz seen from the Pointe Saint-Martin,  France

Biarritz seen from the Pointe Saint-Martin.



Getting to Biarritz

Plane, (under 2 hours from London).
Train, Eurostar/TGV which takes 5 hours from Paris.
Car. It's about 7.5 hours from Paris - 480 miles (775 km), easily accessed via the D911 road, off the N10. These routes are close to the A63 - a road connecting Belin-Béliet to Bayonne to the border of Spain. Paris - A10, N10, A63 (E05).



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