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European Vacation in November?



Baptistry doors, Florence, Italy

Baptistry doors, Florence, Italy

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European weather in November

Winter drawers on in north and middle Europe so if it's T shirt holidays you're looking for, go far south and you may be lucky. Culture vultures, however, can still enjoy wafting around mid Europe capital cities, imagining the dark ages with ease, yet without frostbite. The skies may even be blue, though not many other bright colours will be in evidence.
On the upside, tourists are also in short supply, many cities add interesting lights to their streets and indoor entertainment becomes exceptionally interesting.

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UK: Belfast Festival at Queens, North Ireland (large, varied arts fest.), 3 weeks in Nov.
Festival of Music and Arts, Swansea, Wales (theater/music/opera/dance) 3 weeks, Sept-Nov

Italy:Venice, La Salute - a religious festival at the beautiful Basilica Santa Maria della Salute. November 21st.

Germany: Berlin and other cities, Christmas markets start late November and continue to late December.


Also see European Festivals or Arts Festivals for suggestions, information and dates.


Sightseeing/culture in comfortable weather conditions

Spain: with the exception of Madrid(cold) and the North(wet), Spain is generally warm and pleasant in November. The best bet for a dry cultural experience is in the south, visiting the magical Moorish cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada, where the days are warm and the nights coolish.


Portugal: A bit wet, but often warm with blue skies in November. Try the pleasant old-fashioned atmospheres of Lisbon, Sintra and Evora.


Italy: The southern part of Italy has generally mild winters with blue skies, so Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sicily are excellent cultural targets, while Amalfi takes good care of those who need a scenic uplift.
is chilly, damp and foggy, but has a terrific mysterious quality, enhanced by the lack of tourists (and relatively welcoming locals), and spectacular Florence will be relatively uncrowded too.



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