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European Vacation?
Tourism in June


Hotel de Ville, Paris, France

Hotel de Ville eye-boggler, Paris, France

Europe in May    Europe in July

This is probably the best month for European holidays. It's warm, good weather is quite likely, lots of cultural activities take place and the teeming hordes are still occupied at their places of work.

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Italy: Regatta of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics (varies : Pisa/Venice/Amalfi/Genoa). Florence, Festival of Saint John - parades, dances and Calcio Storico, wild and violent 15thC costumed football matches, June 24th.

England: Trooping the Colour, London (Queen's birthday parade) June 17.
Wimbledon Tennis Tournament - the most prestigious tennis event in the world.
Isle of Man TT (motorcycle) Races, May/June.
Glyndbourne Festival Opera (in a Stately Home outside London), late May-early July.
Stonehenge summer equinox festivites, June 20st-21st. A free all nighter with a zillion wackos.

France: Fete de la Musique, in Paris. Free! A monster musical celebration all over this lovely city. Professionals mix with amateurs playing different sounds in different locations, June 21st.
Chaumont Garden Festival - thirty wonderful and sometimes wacky show gardens around a perfect chateau (castle), every year May- October.

Netherlands: The Holland Festival (varied arts), Amsterdam and The Hague, all June.

Hungary: Sopron festival Weeks, ancient music and dance, June & July, Sopron.

Austria: Vienna International Festival from mid-May to mid-June (wide range of arts).

Greece: Athens Festival, drama and music in ancient theatres. June-Sept.

Denmark: Roskilde Festival, north Europe's largest rock music festival, late June-early July.

Germany, Christopher Street Day in Berlin - a monster Gay Pride parade and street party.

Turkey: International Istanbul Festival of Arts, most of June.

Russia, St Petersburg, Stars of the White Nights Festival. Primarily opera and ballet.

Belgium, Hainaut, The Golden Chariot and Battle of Lumecon - Saint George fights the dragon and everybody pushes a vast and holy chariot around town, June 6th.

Ireland, Dublin ++, Great Irish Houses Festival - music in great Irish houses, mostly Dublin, plus counties Wicklow and Kildare.


Also see European Festivals or Arts Festivals for suggestions, information and dates.



For sightseeing/culture in reasonably comfortable weather conditions

Spain (especially Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Madrid)


Portugal (esp. Lisbon, Sintra, Evora, and the Algarve - but only for beaches)


Italy (esp. Florence, Rome, Genoa, Pompeii, Amalfi, Sicily)


Croatia (esp. Dubrovnik, Hvar, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Trogir)


Greece (esp. Athens, the Peloponnese peninsula, Meteora, the islands)


France (esp. Paris, Loire Valley, the Alps, Burgandy, Avignon, Arles, Riviera)


UK (esp. London, Stonehenge, Dorset, Stratford, Oxford, York, Lake District, Edinburgh).


Ireland (Dublin, Kilkenny, Wexford)


Belgium (esp. Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges, the Ardennes)


Switzerland (esp. Zurich, Lausanne, Lucerne, Berne, Vevey, Zermatt, Jungfrau Region)


Netherlands (esp. Amsterdam, Keukenhof, The Hague, Delft, Barrier Dam, Leiden).


Austria (esp. Vienna, Land Salzburg, St Wolfgang, Mutters, Portschach, Bad Aussee)


Germany (esp. Berlin, Potsdam, Munich, Berchtesgaden, Bamberg, Heidelberg, Lubeck)


Hungary (esp. Budapest, Szentendre, Lake Balaton, Eger)


Czech Rep. (esp. Prague, Bohemia province, Karlovy Vary, Karlstejn castle)


Poland (from mid-May, esp. Krakow, Tatras Mountains)


Russia, St Petersburg.


Denmark (esp.Copenhagen, Ribe, Arhus, Mons Klint, Egeskov Castle).


Norway (esp. Oslo, Bergen, Risor)


Sweden (esp. Stockholm, Visby, Oland)


Finland (Helsinki)


Iceland (Reykjavik)


Country Pictures

England    France    Greece    Iceland   Italy    Monaco


Netherlands (Holland)   Portugal    Russia


Spain    Sweden    Switzerland    Turkey



City Pictures

Amsterdam    Aix    Annecy    Antibes    Arles    Athens    Avignon


Barcelona    Berne    Biarritz   Bournemouth   Brighton    Budapest   


Cadiz   CambridgeCannesCanterbury    Carcassonne   Eze    Florence   


Genoa    Grasse   Istanbul   Lausanne    Lisbon  London   Lucca  Lucerne


Madrid    Malaga   Marseille   Menton    Monaco    Montreux   Mougins


Nice    Oxford    Paris    PragueSan Sebastian    Santander  


Santiago de Compostela  Seville    Siena    Reykjavik    Rome


Tours  Venice  Vevey    Vienna    Zurich



Europe Tourism | European City Life Photos


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