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Seychelles Beach Photos



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seychelles landing strip

A typical Seychelles island light aircraft landing strip and the first view of this beach paradise seen by many visitors.


seychelles beach hotel

And a typical Seychelles mid-range hotel offering instant beach access with powder sand and azure seas.

lazio beach, seychelles

Against stiff competition Praslin Island's Anse Lazio, is considered by many to be the best beach in the Indian Ocean and possibly the world.


beach bikes, grand anse, seychelles

Bicycles are a favoured transport system and either provided by hotels or easy to rent. This is Grand Anse, La Digue island.



Mahé Island: The majority of visitors to Seychelles start out on the main island, Mahé, because that's where most international flights land. Travellers not on luxury honeymoon packages tend to enjoy the convenience, multitude of 'reasonably' priced facilities and broad beach of Beau Vallon Bay and get some transport to explore less busy parts of the island - especially the west and northwest coasts - including some fine, empty beaches.

Praslin Island: The next step is a flight to Praslin where the beaches are seriously dreamy, though not significantly better than some of the Caribbean's finer offerings.
Probably the Seychelles' #1 tourist attraction apart from sand dotted with granite is Praslin's Coco de Mer nature park, a lovely tropical walks place humming with wild things, though it's expensive and won't deliver anything startlingly new to experienced tropical travellers. Hotels on Praslin tend to be overpriced.

La Digue Island: A ferry from Praslin finally delivers travellers to the unanimous favourite Seychelles island, La Digue. Little, relatively undeveloped and hosting some gorgeous beaches, La Digue is tranquil, interesting enough for a few days and bike-friendly, but don't expect to be alone unless you're prepared to walk or bike a bit.



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